Superb Biz Class Deals FROM LONDON To Dubai – Including Qatar Qsuites!

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I recently shared some nice SWISS Business Class fares to Dubai, from just £884 return. The downside was that you had to start in Luxembourg. If you prefer a simpler life and/or would like to fly with Qatar Airways, check out the deals below from London.

First up, you can book SWISS Business Class to Dubai from London for as little as £1090 return:

When you factor in the cost of repositioning to/from Luxembourg, let alone the time and hassle, you would almost certainly be better off paying £200 more to fly from London.

If you don’t mind paying a bit more to fly in a Qatar Airways Qsuite, you’re also in luck. Google Flights lists options all the way through to February 2022 from £1,212:

You can actually knock that down to £1,142 by booking via an Online Travel Agency:

In the current times, it is worth considering paying more to book direct, just in case you ever need to make any changes.

Bottom line

These are genuinely superb fares for excellent Business Class products from London. The fact you can book dates through into 2022 makes them very tempting indeed.


  1. James Wagner says

    Just be aware of the red-list countries which, even if you just transit through, will see you having to add £1,750 to the cost of your trip and 10 days to the duration !!

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