Earn 2,500 Bonus Miles When Signing Up for Air Canada’s Aeroplan

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Joe recently wrote a great post outlining the changes coming to Air Canada’s Aeroplan programme. At first glance, I’m really excited about the removal of fuel surcharges – making awards on Air Canada a viable option for those of use who have access to Aeroplan miles.  For the non-Canadians out there, Aeroplan is as ubiquitous for Canadians as Avios is for Brits.  So just imagine how you would feel if British Airways got rid of fuel surcharges on Avios rewards…  🙂

Of course, many readers have never had much reason to look into Aeroplan. There aren’t too many opportunities to earn Aeroplan miles in Europe. Hotel point conversions are the usual suspects – and Aeroplan regularly runs promotions to top up your conversions with a bonus. But those fuel surcharges probably meant that you didn’t think you would find much value in Aeroplan…

As a result, you might not be a member of Aeroplan yet and this promotion might be exactly what you are looking for.

If you sign up for Aeroplan using this specific link – click here – and earn at least one mile before 30 September 2020, you will receive 2,500 bonus miles to get your Aeroplan account going…

How Can I Easily Earn an Aeroplan Mile?

The easiest option is probably a conversion of a handful of Marriott Bonvoy points. The minimum conversion is 3,000 Marriott points, which would get you 1,000 Aeroplan miles.  Of course, you could always convert 60,000 Marriott points to earn the 5,000 mile bonus – i.e. 25,000 Aeroplan miles.

The cheapest option, however, is free. But you will probably need a VPN and an imaginary Canadian address.  All you need to do is sign up for Asking Canadians – click here for the link. It works in the same way as E-Rewards or Rewards for Thoughts. With one major advantage… whenever you attempt to complete a survey, but are “kicked out” for whatever reason, you still earn 5 Aeroplan miles.

Not only does this keep your Aeroplan account active – miles expire with no activity during 18 months – but those 5 precious miles should be enough to earn you the 2,500 mile sign-up bonus!

The Bottom Line

Of course 2,500 miles won’t get you anywhere. But it’s a nice little bonus as you take a look at some of the travel hacking opportunities being presented by the new Aeroplan…

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