I Know I Shouldn’t Wish Misfortune on Others, but Still…

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Schadenfreude is a lovely German word that is nearly untranslatable. But the word basically means “taking pleasure in the misfortune of others”. That sounds awful, and something that I ought to avoid. But since none of us are truly saints, I came across a few internet articles this week that made the dastardly side of me smile, and since it’s my 7th weekend stuck indoors I decided to share them with you…

Influencers Aren’t Getting Paid

I was asked in an interview once whether I considered myself to be an “influencer”. I replied that I wasn’t, because companies would never pay me to “influence” potential clients in how to beat the system and use miles or points to pay substantially less for that dream flight in First Class or stay in a 5-star hotel suite.

So this BBC News report made me smile. Click here.

Are there people who genuinely work very hard and provide tangible Return on Investment to travel businesses? Whilst at the same time providing interesting content for consumers? Undoubtedly.  Does that apply to most “influencers”? Not really… especially those whose income streams are now close to zero…

Airbnb “Hosts” Can’t Afford Their Rent / Mortgage

Airbnb is a “love it or hate it” company that generates both passionate support and equally strong opposition. If you prefer to stay in a flat / house whilst travelling, you probably love Airbnb and how easy it is to arrange. If you live in a city that is attractive to tourists, you will hate the late-night partying across the hallway or increased rents / reduced housing supply as rental accommodation is repurposed for tourists to use. Which might be OK if regulated by the city, but many Airbnb rental properties simply flout the laws, with Airbnb doing little to stop it…

As an Airbnb hater, this Wired article hit the spot. Click here.

“Professional” hosts who have signed leases on several different flats – essentially setting up completely illegal “ghost hotels” – now can’t pay the rent and are desperately trying to sublet to people who aren’t supposed to go outside, much less to visit flats? I couldn’t be happier…

Ryanair Threatens to Never Return to the Skies

This week has seen a bit of discussion about how to implement “social distancing” in airplanes. One of the mooted solutions is to leave the middle seat empty.

There are many reasons why this is ridiculously unfit for purpose, but then Michael O’Leary went and opened his mouth. Click here to read.

O’Leary said that Ryanair had already told the Irish government that if it imposes the restriction, then “either the government pays for the middle seat or we won’t fly”.

Is that a promise or a threat Mr. O’Leary?  You might find that many people would be thrilled if Ryanair never returns to the skies…

The Bottom Line

I trust that all of you are safe and healthy, wherever you are…  I don’t intend harm upon anyone, even Instagram influencers…  🙂


  1. Sam says

    I love that. I stayed at or booked a few airbnb for a couple of times. I realised the nice hosts usually just take the airbnb income as an extra money judging from the look of value of house I was staying at, whilst those snobbish hosts are the ones who really makes for a living with airbnb. This is called Karma, always be nice to people!

    And those ‘influencers’ – not judging but do you even consider this is your ‘job’? I can make money through stock exchange or property trades but are these jobs at all? A way to make money does not necessarily mean it’s a kind of job because no substantial benefits you’re creating to the society! I am surprised to see a mother who was a lawyer herself actually complained that no one saw the ‘efforts’ behind – well you tell us!

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