Norwegian Introduces New Cabin Bag Fees On Its Cheapest Fares

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Starting yesterday (23rd January 2020), passengers flying with Norwegian must pay extra to bring an overhead cabin bag on board when booking the cheapest ‘LowFare’ tickets. A small bag that can be stored under the seat in front of you can still be taken for free. More info can be found on the Norwegian website via this link .

Details of the new baggage policy

If you book a ticket with Norwegian, you can choose from different types of ticket. If you are looking for the cheapest ticket, where you cannot change or cancel your ticket, overhead cabin baggage is no longer free. An overhead cabin bag is still included with the more expensive tickets. Below is an overview of the different types of fare and what they now include:

  • LowFare : the cheapest rate. Only a small bag of a maximum of 30 x 20 x 38 cm can be taken for free. This small bag can again weigh a maximum of 10 kg.
    You cannot check in a suitcase with this rate.
  • LowFare+ : a more expensive rate. An overhead cabin bag is included. The total weight of all hand luggage may not exceed 10kg (with the exception of flights to / from Dubai – a maximum of 8kg applies).
    With this rate, checking in a suitcase (23kg maximum) is also included.
  • Flex, Premium and PremiumFlex : the flexible and premium rates: An overhead cabin bag is included up to a maximum of 15kg (with the exception of flights to / from Dubai – a maximum of 8 kg applies)
    This rate also includes a suitcase (23 kg maximum). With Premium you can take 2x 23 kg suitcases.
Norwegian - baggage per fare type

Depending on the price difference between the LowFare and LowFare+ tickets, you might choose to go for the cheapest fare and then add your cabin bag on separately. According to Norwegian, prices range from €5 per flight for flights within Scandinavia to €9 per flight for other flights.

Booked before January 23?

Have you booked tickets with Norwegian before January 23? Don’t worry –  the old policy applies, so you can still take an overhead cabin bag with you for free.

Norwegian - hand baggage policy
Norwegian – hand baggage policy for tickets booked before January 23, 2020

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