Discounted Alaska Mileage Plan Miles Are Back (And Why You Might Want To Buy Them!)

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Alaska Mileage Plan is back with another ‘Flash Sale’ – this time offering a bonus of up to 40% when you purchase Mileage Plan Miles.

Good deal?

If you max out the promo and buy 84,000 miles, you’ll pay ~£1,355 ($1,773.75):

That works out at about 1.61p per mile. The cheapest that I can remember Alaska Miles being on sale for is ~1.58p per mile, so this is only slightly more expensive.

I wouldn’t necessarily be tempted to buy speculatively at these prices, but if you have a high-value use for Alaska Miles in mind (there are lots), it could make sense to take advantage – just make sure the award space you want is available first!

one way Business Class flight between Europe and Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific requires just 42,500 Alaska Miles, for example, so with the 40% bonus, the miles would set you back ~£685. Obviously, there would be taxes to pay on top of that, but it’s a great price for a one way flight.


If you are in the market for Alaska Miles, this is a decent price. Unless you have an immediate use in mind though, I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush – I’m sure we’ll see similar (or better) sales again soon and Alaska Mileage Plan has been known to make changes without giving notice.


  • Transactions must be completed between 6:00 AM PST January 22, 2020 and 11:59 PM PST February 16, 2020 to be eligible for bonus miles.
  • Miles are purchased from Inc. A 7.5% Federal Excise Tax*, and GST/HST for Canadian residents.
  • Miles are non-refundable and do not count toward MVP and MVP/Gold status.
  • You may purchase and gift Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles in increments of 1,000 miles to a maximum of 60,000 miles per transaction.
  • Your Mileage Plan account may be credited up to a maximum total of 150,000 miles acquired through in a calendar year, whether purchased by you or gifted to you. MVP, MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K Mileage Plan member accounts have no annual limit on the number of miles which may be purchased or gifted through
  • Offer is subject to change and all terms and conditions of the Mileage Plan Program apply.
  • * Inc. is collecting Federal Excise Tax on behalf of Alaska Airlines Inc.
  • Alaska Airlines Inc. has the obligation to collect Federal Excise Tax and remit the tax to the appropriate government agency.


  1. Alex W says

    Word of caution – purchased miles take several days to post. Even if there is redemption space available when you buy miles, it might not still be there when you get the miles.


    I would like to buy some Alaskan Air Miles. Can I buy them in one lot and split them between my wife and me? As this would be the cheaper option ? as it costs more to buy them in two lots.

    • Joe Deeney says

      You could, but unfortunately Alaska charges quite a lot to transfer miles to another person’s account so it wouldn’t make sense to do so. You can use miles in your account to book a ticket for your wife as well as yourself though, so that’s probably the simplest solution.

  3. John Bancroft says

    Hi joe,
    Do you know if Cathey Pacific has blackout dates for the whole of January when booking Alaskan Airmiles flights from Australia to the UK via Hong Kong

    • Joe Deeney says

      It won’t be black out dates exactly – just that you can’t book with Alaska until 330 days before at most, so January won’t be available yet.

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