7,500 Bonus Points for EVERY Hilton Honors Member This Time

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A couple of weeks ago, a Hilton Honors promotion briefly appeared. Although intended for new members only, existing members were able to sign up for a quick and easy promotion offering 7,500 bonus points. This opening was shut down within a day or two.

However, because somebody goofed and posted details of the promotion on social media (without mentioning the new member bit)… it seems that Hilton Honors has relented and decided to allow EVERYBODY to participate.

Click here to register.

The promotion consists of:

  • 2,500 Hilton Honors bonus points for your first stay (before 31 January 2020)
  • 5,000 Hilton Honors bonus points for your second stay (before 31 January 2020)

People who registered two weeks ago HAVE been receiving the points, so Honors are definitely honouring the promotion for those who registered. (sorry for the bad pun!) I was able to register last night, so you should definitely sign up as well, even if you don’t have any Hilton stays planned…


  1. John Ship says

    I’m still getting this 🙁

    Resource at ‘/content/hilton-promo/en_US/7500-points-media/landing/undefined.html’ not found: No resource found
    Cannot serve request to /content/hilton-promo/en_US/7500-points-media/landing/undefined.html on this server

    Apache Sling

  2. John Ship says

    Yes, I’ve tried Chrome, I get the page that allows registration for new or exsisting members, but when I attempt to register I get the “no can do” page – very strange

  3. Naomi Charlton says

    Hi Craig – hope all well? I can’t get the promotion to work either despite trying the various methods as outlined above. I don’t suppose you could resend the link you used & I will have another go? Unless you are aware they’ve closed the promotion again?! xxxxx

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Hi Naomi. All well thanks. You?

      This one really has me confused. It clearly is aimed at new members and “those who received the email”, so there’s no official support from Hilton Honors. However, since the loophole opened for a day or two, was subsequently closed, but then was reopened again, I really thought that Hilton decided to let everybody participate.

      All I can suggest is to keep trying every once in awhile, but otherwise assume that this one of those things that just takes some luck…

  4. Naomi Charlton says

    Ah thx so much as always Craig!! It seems to be going to a landing page purely for new members to sign up now? So I think I may have to give up :))

    At least there is the triple points promo as we have 1 of the historic Barclaycards…..xxxxx

  5. Jonny says

    Reminds me of a previous promo where you could get 5k on any stay and supposedly even on 5k reward stays, by paying for incidentals on a Visa. Circumstances did not permit me to try it then but got me thinking if such a trick still exists on reward stays?

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