Power Up Your Points? Just Another Double Point Promotion from Hilton Honors…

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Hilton Honors has announced details of its latest promotion – no, not the ill-fated 7,500 pointer I mentioned recently – and, surprise, surprise, it involves earning “double points”.

The promotion is called Power Up Your Points and will run from 9 September, 2019 until 5 January, 2020.

Most members will earn double base points, which is an additional 10 Honors points per US dollar spent.

However, if you have a Hilton Honors co-branded credit, and use to to settle the bill, you can receive triple points. For those of you in the UK, that means the Hilton Barclaycard, which has been closed to new applicants for quite awhile now.

Registration is required, although it might be a bit glitchy at the moment. You can reach the landing page by clicking here.


Hilton Honors has very little imagination when it comes to promotions. Double points is the standard offer, with the only consolation being that Hilton does not leave any gaps between promotions.

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  1. ianmac57 says

    “Quite glitchy” translates to “doesn’t work”
    Not sure if this is another Hilton targeted offer or the registration is not yet open.
    Mention elsewhere that 26 August (today) was the starting date for offer registration.

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