Reminder! Three Days Left to Convert Tesco Clubcard Vouchers into Uber Credit

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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For many readers, Tesco Clubcard is synonymous with earning Avios or Virgin Atlantic miles. For others, there are better ways to obtain value from your Clubcard vouchers. One of those methods is Uber credit, one of the few reward partners where you receive a genuine 3x face value. (provided of course that you regularly use Uber)

However as of 10 July, 2019 on you will no longer be able to exchange your Clubcard points for Uber credit. So if you tend to convert your Clubcard vouchers into Uber credit, you only have a few days left to take advantage…

How do I Redeem my Clubcard Vouchers for Uber Credit?

Pretty straightforward… For every 50p of vouchers you convert, you receive £1.50 of Uber credit. Don’t forget that you can now turn your Clubcard points into “Faster Vouchers” at any time – you don’t need to wait for the quarterly statement run.

The Tesco / Uber page where you can convert your points should be here. You might find it easier to just log into your Clubcard account normally and search for Uber.

What Can I Use That Uber Credit On?

Sterling-denominated Uber credit can only be used on rides in the UK. You can also use it for home delivery of food with Uber EATS.

This is one of the downsides of Uber’s set-up… as many people only use Uber when travelling overseas yet can’t use any £ credit to pay for it…


It’s disappointing that Tesco Clubcard is gradually enhancing away the higher-value redemption options. But as long as Avios and Virgin Atlantic miles remain an option, Tesco will remain the main supermarket chain for miles and points collectors in the UK.

Have you ever cashed out your Clubcard vouchers to Uber credit? Worth it?

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