DYKWIA? The Marriott Elite Benefit Guarantee (Part 1)

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Don’t You Know Who I Am? This expression is often used – usually not in a positive way – to refer to hotel guests who kick up a fuss at check-in, because they haven’t been given an upgrade or some other benefit to which they believe that they are entitled. If you do enjoy elite status – but aren’t a *&!#! – you might not be aware that Marriott Bonvoy offers an Elite Benefit Guarantee for Platinum and Titanium level members. So in fact there are situations where you want to DYKWIA! Why? Because there is compensation to be had…

Guaranteed Platinum Elite/Titanium Elite Welcome Gift

Figuring out Marriott Bonvoy’s breakfast amenity is complicated. Free breakfast is actually part of the “welcome gift” and varies based on hotel brand and whether or not the hotel is a “resort”. Even when you do know which brand should offer you breakfast (and will raise the matter if it isn’t mentioned), you might not know that the front desk clerk is supposed to mention your entitlement to points or some other amenity. If they don’t, you are entitled to claim compensation on the spot from the hotel manager.

A slightly different perspective on elite benefits at Marriott can be found by re-reading this older post

Guaranteed Lounge Access

Lounge access for Platinum and Titanium members is limited to the member plus one guest. (although individual hotels may choose to be more generous)

You might have wondered why breakfast isn’t mentioned in the “Welcome Gift” section for JW Marriott, Marriott, Delta, Autograph Collection and Renaissance. Well… I believe that it’s due to an underlying assumption that these hotels will offer a lounge and that the elite member would have breakfast in the lounge. When the hotel doesn’t actually have a lounge (or it is temporarily closed – i.e. at weekends or holidays) then these brands are supposed to offer the elite guest (+1) breakfast in the restaurant. If they don’t, you are due $100 as compensation.

Unfortunately that does mean that certain unscrupulous hotels can deny you breakfast. If you are planning on a long stay at a resort with few alternatives, $100 won’t come close to covering the extra cost you will incur…

When / How to Claim

Because the guarantee is published on the Marriott website – click here for further details – you should raise the matter with hotel management during your stay.

It becomes substantially more difficult, if not impossible, to claim against the Elite Benefit Guarantee after you’ve left the hotel. I am currently discovering this! I recently stayed at an AC hotel and, since I knew I wasn’t entitled to free breakfast, I didn’t think much about the front desk clerk neglecting to offer points or the $10 amenity. When my 500 points didn’t post with my stay, I discovered the Elite Benefit Guarantee and have been chasing some form of compensation ever since…

In Part 2, I’ll discuss some other guaranteed benefits offered by Marriott Bonvoy…

Have you ever claimed the Marriott Elite Benefits Guarantee? How did it work out for you?

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