Another 1,000 Free Miles from Virgin Atlantic and Tesco Clubcard

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Believe it or not, Tesco Clubcard is yet again offering 1,000 free miles from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club! All you must do is set your Clubcard account to auto-convert before 16 June, 2019. Before you do so, I recommend that you wait until the latest statement cycle has been closed – i.e. receiving vouchers in your account for any Feb-Apr spend…

Going forward, you don’t actually want to automatically convert your Clubcard points into Virgin Atlantic miles either, especially since conversion bonuses don’t happen every quarter.

What you want to do is:

  1. Step One, sign up for Auto Convert
  2. Step Two, wait for 1,000 miles to post to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account
  3. Step Three, turn OFF Auto Convert (make sure to do this well ahead of the next statement, which should be late July / early August 2019)

Setting up Auto Convert is simple. Simply log-in to your Tesco Clubcard account, visit the “Voucher Schemes” section of “Account Management”, choose “Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles” and enter your Flying Club membership number. Don’t worry, any existing Clubcard vouchers will remain as vouchers and won’t be automatically converted.

If it still works – YMMV but it often does – you’ll receive 1,000 free miles at zero cost to you. Pay attention to InsideFlyer UK and I’ll even remind you when to turn off the Auto Convert – so that you receive vouchers instead of miles, and can earn 1,000 miles again and again…



  1. Molly says

    By changing to auto convert, this doesn’t effect my points currently being processed from my Jan – May statement or my current vouchers in my account? I would prefer to keep them as vouchers until I need them.

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