RETURN BA / Virgin Flights To New York From £261

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This isn’t really a ‘deal’ exactly (in the sense that similar fares can be booked quite regularly) – it’s more a reminder of just how good transatlantic fares are these days. Specifically, you can book direct return flights from London to New York on BA or Virgin for under £270! 

Availability looks to be pretty good throughout the year, with the exception of the Summer Holidays when fares are higher.

To find the very lowest fares, you normally have to search using a site like Momondo or SkyScanner and then book via an online travel agency. Alternatively, you can usually book direct with the airline for a little more.

Bottom line

The fact that fares for direct transatlantic flights on ‘full service’ carriers (admittedly with no checked baggage) are now routinely this low is remarkable – and a clear sign of the impact Norwegian and the other low cost carriers have had on the market. With a number of the low cost carriers having gone bust and the remaining ones facing considerable financial pressures, it will be interesting to see whether these sort of fares are still available in a year or two…


  1. Ben Lloyd says

    I think the fares are so low because all of the carriers really screw you for checked luggage. You can add another £100+ return for every large suitcase, significantly increasing the actual cost of transatlantic flights

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yep, uncoupling checked bags has definitely helped bring the base fares down. Personally, I hate having to wait for my bags, so tend to just travel with hand luggage whenever possible (even if a suitcase is included in my ticket). I’m therefore a fan of the change, but can definitely see why others find it annoying.

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