How To Save Up To 90% On Boutique Hotels (For Real…)

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It’s a bold claim, but with a bit of work you really can save up to 90% on beautiful boutique hotels – courtesy of little-known booking site ‘Hip Escapes‘.

I’ve written about Hip Escapes a couple of times before, but after a period of relative decline, the site has recently increased the number of properties available and brought back the mega discounts that caught my eye years ago.

Hip Escapes used to be called ‘Sheradill’, until they came to their senses and realised that while Sheradill might be a reasonable name for mouthwash, it was a terrible name for a discount luxury travel website.

Sheradill logo

The mechanics of how the site works and how you earn credit to discount the hotels you want to book haven’t really changed since I wrote about Sheradill a few years ago, so I would recommend having a read of that post if you haven’t already seen it.

I have used Sheradill / Hip Escapes twice, once for myself and once in order to book “Europe’s Leading Boutique Hotel”, Vila Joya, for my parents (you can check out their review here). Both deals ended up being genuinely 85%-90% cheaper than the best rates I could find elsewhere online. 5* boutique luxury for £28.75 per night, rather than £287.50 per night.

vila joya review 17
Vila Joya, Portugal

The discount sounds pretty implausible (and I fully admit I was initially sceptical) but everything went entirely to plan on both occasions. In fact, given that both stays were actually upgraded to suites, it worked out even better than expected!

hip escapes 10

Helping each other

I set up an InsideFlyer UK Hip Escapes group on the forum, so we can all help each other get the best possible prices. I’ll get round to the offers in a moment, but just want to say a quick word about the forum group and what it is for.

With Hip Escapes, you earn credit towards particular deals by completing simple tasks like clicking through to a hotel website. As well as earning personal credit, an additional 30% goes into a ‘community pot’ which discounts the hotel on those particular dates for all members. Therefore, the more popular a deal is, the more quickly it becomes discounted.

hip escapes 9

I thought that we could all help each other by posting on the forum whenever we want to take advantage of a particular deal and asking everyone reading to help you discount it as much as possible.

By helping each other, we can all quickly get the biggest discounts for the deals we want!

The deals

There are lots of different hotels and dates available at the moment, so these are just a couple of examples to whet the appetite:

Suite in Trieste, Italy: 35 Euros per night, rather than 350 Euros = 90% discount

Edinburgh: 85.50 Euros per night, rather than 285 Euros = 70% discount

At the time of writing, deals are also available in Italy, Austria, Indonesia, Brazil, Oman and Zanzibar. The maximum discount for most hotels seems to be 70%, which is still excellent, but not quite as astonishing as the occasional 90% discount you can find.

20.00 Euros credit for signing up

If you sign up to Hip Escapes using a referral link you get 20.00 Euros credit (as does the person who refers you, so thanks if you use mine!). Please feel free to share your own referral link in the comments and on the forum.

Bottom line

The deals you can get using HIP Escapes are remarkable. Go and take a look for yourself and then join us on the forum if you have any questions or want some help getting the price of a deal down quickly!


  1. New Card says

    Is that the Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace hotel up for grabs in Oman? If so, 70% off EUR 225 (around GBP 70) would be a huge steal compared to their GBP 500 per night quoted rates…

    • Joe Deeney says

      Definitely the Ritz Carlton yeah. The pricing/site seems a bit screwed up at the moment though, but in theory should certainly be a great deal.

      • New Card says

        Ah yeah – the same nights I saw for a headline rate of EUR 225 yesterday are now on for EUR 650…

        • craig paolozzi says

          Yep I tried to book for April 4 nights at an amazing price….then to be told sorry dates aren’t available for that price.

          Next price was quoted at 4x higher!

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