One of the Best Tesco Clubcard Partners is Being Removed Soon…

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Back at the start of the year, we wrote about the changes Tesco Clubcard was making (and the troubles they had implementing them due to customers pushing back). My general view was that although some customers were negatively impacted by the changes, for the ‘savvy travel hacker’ things actually worked out quite positively. This view was based on three main things:

  1. There were no changes to the Avios or Virgin Flying Club Miles conversion rates
  2. Converting to Uber credit is possible at 3x face value
  3.  Converting to Redspottedhanky (train booking site) vouchers is possible at 3x face value

I personally see the Uber and Redspottedhanky options as being almost as good as 3x face value in cash (it’s not quite as good because you can buy Uber gift cards with small discounts, Redspotted has booking fees, and cash is obviously more flexible). Most people need to take a train or a taxi at some point, so these are great options to be able to spend Tesco Clubcard vouchers on.

Unfortunately, according to MoneySavingExpert, RedSpottedHanky is going to be removed as a partner from 31st January 2019.


This is a very negative change from Tesco Clubcard. It’s normally very difficult to find ways of saving more than a couple of percent when booking train tickets, so being able to transfer Clubcard Vouchers to RedSpottedHanky at 3x face value was (and still is for now!) an excellent deal, even when you factor the small booking fee.

Unless Tesco is intending to bring in some new partners or make other changes, after 31st January 2019, Uber will be the only mainstream ‘genuine’ 3x face value option left I think. There might be a couple of niche alternatives left too, but I don’t regard the restaurant partners (etc) as providing genuine 3x value, because it’s very easy to find alternative discounts – which can’t be stacked with using Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.

Do note though that the removal of RedSpottedHanky isn’t happening until the end of January next year, so you’ve got plenty of time to make a transfer if you want to stock up on train vouchers.

What do you make of the change?


  1. Tilly71 says

    Unfortunately it looks like its the shape of things to come with Tesco. I see more partners pulling out in the near future and if we get a whiff VA or BA are looking to pull the plug Tesco will get nothing from me.

  2. Craig Sowerby says

    More and more companies are realising that their loyalty programmes are worthless if they simply boil down to a 1% rebate for customers. But instead of making them truly useful to consumers, it seems that they will just shut them down.

    Hopefully BA is paying attention if they are still contemplating “dynamic pricing”.

    • Jim says

      It will take a global recesssion to shift BA’s current trajectory. Somewhere in a parallel world, BA have just been hit with a £4 billion fine for data breaches, two extra runways have just been built at Heathrow, and the Chinese government have banned IAG from operating anywhere within their airspace.

  3. Gordon S says

    Tbh I’d never even heard of RSH. My Clubcard (and indeed my ONLY reason for even putting all my shopping and petrol through Tesco is for BA Avios. The moment that goes, so will I

  4. David C. says

    For me it is the deal with Euro-tunnel which is most useful, if that goes so do I to Aldi or Lidl, hope the powers that be from Tesco read this page.

  5. vincent Teo says

    Having been a very loyal Tesco fan for years, I switched to Lidl and Aldi 2 years ago. The savings i’ve made a significant and everytime I pay at the checkout it’s satisfying to remember how much I’ve saved over Tesco. Sure I don’t get my Tesco vouchers through the post, but financially i’ve gained so much.

    Occasionally I pop into Tescos to see what reduced bargains they have… the shops are so old fashioned, customer service is poor and there is very little to tempt me to buy much. I’m a little overwhelmed how expensive everyday things are in there… bread, milk, sugar, cereal, meat, salads etc..

  6. David Tomsett says

    Will be shopping in Aldi after RedSpottedHanky pulled. Will get my fuel in Sainsbury’s. Will ditch my Tesco Credit Card. If enough people do this we can hurt them back.

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