The CHEAPEST British Airways Flights We’ve Ever Seen – From £9.55!

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Not content with merely buying low cost carriers, or mirroring their service levels, British Airways is now charging the sort of fares that might make Ryanair blush – at least on one particular route.

At the time of writing, one way British Airways Economy fares from Luxembourg to London Heathrow can be booked for just ~£9.55 (11 Euros):

Given the limited utility of these flights, I didn’t spend too much time checking all the available dates, but the end of August through to (at least) December looks good. Earlier and later dates may be possible too.

If you’re interested in cheap Tier Points, returns in Club Europe (which earn 40TPs per leg) start at ~£140 (160 Euros). That’s not bad at all for 80 Tier Points!

Booking from London to Luxembourg, rather than the other way round, adds a couple of quid to an Economy return, but Club Europe seems to work out about ~£33 more expensive.

Bottom line

It’s interesting to see BA charging these sort of prices. A lot of people (myself included) were pretty sceptical about the idea that service cuts would result in substantially cheaper fares, but it’s pretty tough to argue with getting change from a tenner when booking a flight!

Will we see more of this sort of pricing and on a wider selection of routes?  I think we probably will – though perhaps not quite as cheap as this!

Anyone feeling a sudden urge to visit Luxembourg?

Hat-tip: TravelWithMassi


  1. RichT says

    An excellent way to hit your 4 qualifying flights cheaply and in a “low pain” way given the short flight!

    • Joe Deeney says

      I can’t remember the exact amount, but it wasn’t too bad at all – definitely more, but not bad.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Just like normal – head to the BA site and put luxembourg to london in and the dates you want. Definitely still available as of 22:00 last night. Let me know if you still have any trouble!

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