Reminder! Why you Need to Set Your Tesco Clubcard Preferences Back to Vouchers

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Amid all of the hubbub surrounding Tesco Clubcard’s “devaluation” and reversal, you might have forgotten about last November’s offer for another 1,000 free miles from Virgin Atlantic. All you needed to do was set your Clubcard account to auto-convert your points into Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

As it happens, it appears that Tesco has FINALLY started enforcing the fine print, which limits members to one such 1,000 mile bonus. I certainly did not receive 1,000 miles this time around, and other readers have passed along reports of similar outcomes.

The cut-off date for Tesco Clubcard’s quarterly statement is coming soon, and I’ve finally given up on receiving those 1,000 miles. Since I prefer to accumulate vouchers to have handy when a conversion bonus comes along, I recently set my Clubcard account back to vouchers.

I suggest that you do the same… there’s no need to compound the pain of missing out on 1,000 free miles, by having your stash of Clubcard points automatically convert into Virgin Atlantic miles in a few days time…

Did anybody actually receive 1,000 miles? Or is the gig really up?


  1. Naomi Charlton says

    Hi guys, I didn’t receive the bonus either so I contacted Tesco Clubcard (via their email contact form if I remember rightly) & a very nice member of staff there phoned me back & did a manual adjustment to credit them :))

    Worth trying perhaps if you have 5 mins?


      • Naomi Charlton says

        I’ve actually had the bonus before as well, but somehow I omitted to tell them that on the form?! They didn’t ask…..maybe a bit naughty but we have spent SO much on Tesco groceries over the years that my conscience is pretty clear :)) xxxxx

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Unless you are on a grandfathered rate, there is no advantage to auto-converting to Avios. Better to choose vouchers and then convert manually when/if you need Avios. You can also spend your vouchers on things that provide higher value than Avios.

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