£13 off £100 Amazon (and much more) spend + use your Amex!

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Discount gift card site Zeek is currently offering a generous £10 cashback when you spend £100 or more on gift cards up to and including Monday 27 November.

Please note that while it’s a great deal in itself, I’m not Martin Lewis. We flag the relevance of this offer to travel-hacking below!

There are a number of gift cards on Zeek (House of Fraser, Sports Direct etc) which you can buy at sometimes heavily discounted prices (House of Fraser gift cards are currently retailing at 6% off).

You can even get Tesco gift cards at 1% off.

However, perhaps the most useful gift card for many is an Amazon gift card. The problem with Amazon gift cards on Zeek is they are offered at a less than spectacular 0% off:

However, sign up to Zeek via this link and you’ll get a £3 discount, plus until 27 November you’ll get £10 cashback from Zeek. Note that this £10 credit can be used for or towards a purchase of any of the gift cards for sale on Zeek.

One key benefit of Zeek is you can use your Amex to pay via PayPal, so if you’re looking to hit a particular spend threshold to meet a bonus (the generous 20k Amex Gold bonus, for example), this is a great opportunity to add some spend to your card at great value. 

What on earth does this have to do with travel?

Fair query.

The key point here is your Amex card, or any other credit card that you need to add spend to to get a miles/points bonus. Zeek enables you to “pre-spend” on that card via a gift voucher (e.g. Tesco or Amazon), so you hit your spend target. When you do this at great value (e.g. 1% off Tesco plus £13 off £100), you’re “travel hacking” smoothly.

It’s essentially a very benign form of manufactured spending.

It that’s not good enough for you, you can also buy Thomas Cook vouchers at 2% off… 🙂


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    You only get the £3 when you pay with credit card / Paypal. If you convert Topcashback into Zeek vouchers, you won’t receive the £3…

    You also have to pay a small processing fee – 30p I believe – to buy vouchers, so make sure your cashback, promos, etc. offset that.

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