Don’t waste your Hilton points on Amazon!

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In addition to dramatically changing the name from Hilton HHonors (pronounced hhhhhhhonors) to Hilton Honors, Hilton announced in February a number of changes to the loyalty scheme including the the possibility of you redeeming your points on Amazon purchases.

The Amazon option is now live, but really, don’t bother.

If you pay for your Amazon purchases using your Hilton Honors points, you’ll get 0.2 US dollar cents per point.

We (conservatively) value a Hilton point at 0.4 pence (0.54 US dollar cents), so you are getting around 37% of the value of your point with this method. So, unless you have decided for whatever reason you’re never again going to stay in a Hilton hotel, don’t use this method.

To give a stark example, you can stay at a number of Hilton properties (including the excellent Hampton Krakow) for 5,000 Honors points a night. Those 5,000 points would otherwise get you $10 off an Amazon purchase. Come on.

The only minor upside to this is that there’s no minimum number of points to use, so if you have a handful of Hilton points you’re looking to get rid of, it’s an option. But really – save your Hilton points and use them at hotels, it’s so much better value. 



  1. GnarlyOldGoatDude says

    Thanks for highlighting this option – I know that wasn’t necessarily your intent.
    My wife has 3944 points which are about to expire.
    We have an average of 8 amazon deliveries a week at the moment (having just moved house).
    This sounds like the ideal way to use her points.

  2. pmg says

    This is handy to know if you need to create some minimal points activity to stop your balance from expiring. You can spend 500 points to cover $1 of your Amazon order.

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