Check Your Accounts for 250 ‘Mystery Avios’!

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My fellow InsideFlyer contributor Craig posted on the forum recently about seeing 250 bonus ‘mystery Avios’ in his British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) account, despite having absolutely no idea what they were for. Intrigued by BA‘s inexplicable largesse, I just checked my own account and was mildly delighted to spot the following:

There hasn’t been any activity on my BAEC account for a while, so I’m genuinely stumped as to what could have triggered the bonus.

I messaged a couple of friends and they are seeing the same thing on their accounts – but, so far, nobody has come up with a decent theory as to what the bonus is for. Regardless of the reason, go and check your accounts and you might well find a nice (little) surprise.

Bottom line

250 free Avios may not be earth-shattering news, but I value them at about £2.50 so I’m certainly not complaining!

The real reason I posted though, was to see if everyone else has got them and to ask if anyone has any theories on what they might be for? 

Perhaps BA is just feeling generous… (ok, maybe not!).


  1. Javgil says

    I got 500 random avios on 19th 😀 says on the app ‘Amex estore bonus’ but on website it simply says ‘special promotion’

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