20% Wowair Discount – and Why you Might be Interested

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You can currently get a 20% Wowair discount by using the promo code WOWROMANCE.

To redeem the discount you need to book before 11:59 PM (GMT) July 12th 2017,  for travel between August 14th – December 8th 2017.

Using the code is easy – just type it into the ‘promo code’ box on the homepage.

I can’t see anything in the terms, but the discount doesn’t seem to work for Wow’s cheapest Basic fares. That said, if you want to take luggage, you’re probably going to be better off looking at ‘Wow Plus’ or ‘Wow Business’ fares anyway.

Why you might be interested…

The discount applies to ‘Wow Business’, which isn’t something I’ve looked at closely before, and fares look pretty decent:

It’s important to make clear that ‘Wow Business’ isn’t really anything like proper Business Class! For the price though, and the ability to book one-ways, it’s an option worth knowing about.

Wow Business Includes:

  • Flight ticket
  • 1 personal item up to a maximum of 42x32x25 cm/17x13x10in, 10kg/22 lbs.
  • 1 carry-on bag up to a maximum of 56x45x25 cm/22x18x10in, 12kg/26 lbs.
  • 1 checked bag.
  • Cancellation protection. Ensures a refund if a guest cancels a flight reservation due to unavoidable reasons. More on cancellation protection here.
  • Seat reservation. Best seat available at the time of booking. Please note that the BigSeat is only available on our Airbus A330 aircraft.
  • Fast Track Security at KEF airport in Iceland. Separate security lane through security control. Quicker access to departure hall.
  • Priority boarding (all airports). Early boarding with guaranteed overhead baggage space.
  • In-flight meal. Food and drink from the WOW ME menu on board, such as a sandwich & soda; pizza & beer, or a baguette & red wine. Free coffee or tea with meal.

Note that the seat you get when booking ‘Wow Business’ is only the best available at time of booking, so do watch out for that! That definition does include Wowair’s  ‘BigSeats’ though, on the planes that have them, if they are available.

The BigSeat actually looks ok, although it’s definitely more a Premium Economy product (if that) than anything like proper Business Class

With Wowair, remember to check prices on the US website (and maybe others too!) as well as the UK site, in order to find the best prices.

Bottom line

A 20% Wowair discount isn’t anything to get too excited about – we’ve seen cheaper fares from the airline before, even without a promotion code.

‘Wow Business’ could be a reasonable way to cross the Atlantic though without breaking the bank, particularly if you fancy stopping off in Iceland en route for a day or 2 (stopovers are free).

Anyone tried the Wowair BigSeat? I’m sort of tempted! 

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