Double Avios on high street shopping plus 250 free Avios

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We’ve previously mentioned the ability to earn Avios when shopping in real (as opposed to online) stores. To benefit, you simply log in to your Avios eStore account and  add your credit/debit card details. You’ll then automatically earn bonus Avios when you shop at select shops (including Debenhams, Habit, H Samuel and ASK Italian) using any of your registered cards.

Adding your credit/debit cards is incredibly easy. Simply log in via this link and click the red “register card” button:

There’s a couple of current added bonuses, too…

Double Avios

Shop with an Avios eStore in store merchant by 23:59 on Monday 31 July 2017, and you’ll receive double the standard Avios collection rate

250 free Avios

All holders of a British Airways American Express Card will receive 250 bonus Avios when registering (note simply registering, not spending with) their British Airways American Express Card as an in-store shopping card before 31 July.

So, with double Avios and a potential 250 additional free Avios, now is a good time to register all your cards (including any British Airways American Express credit card you may have) to make sure you’re benefiting.

While I’m generally a fan of the greater variety of bonuses that can be found by shopping on line (TopCashback being one of the very best examples – £10 sign up bonus here), there’s no doubt that “real” shopping is a necessary evil. So sign those cards up, forget about having done so, and you may well get a surprise bonus Avios haul down the line.  


  1. Naomi Charlton says

    Morning all, it seems to give you the 250 bonus Avios for registering any Amex not just the BA one? The one I used was the SPG Amex (which I really like in general) so I was pleasantly surprised to see the extra 250 in my account straight away? xxxxx

  2. Trev says

    There is an equivalent for Virgin Atlantic via Shops Away – not sure if there are issues having the same card linked to BA and VS in store shopping, I recall reading a HFP comment about neither posting for some people who used the same card on both sites…

    However most people in this game have more than 1 points earning card (Amex + Visa/MC at minimum) so could use a different card for each

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