500 free Hyatt Points – Check your email for a quick survey!

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If you’re a member of World Of Hyatt (or whatever silly name they’re using this week), check your email! Hyatt have been sending out personalised emails with a subject line of 500 Bonus Points for Your Feedback. Much as you’d expect from the subject, there’s 500 free Hyatt points up for grabs!

If you stay a lot with various hotel chains, and give honest feedback, it’s about 12 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is tailored based on your earlier answers, so if you don’t stay much with the competing chains you won’t get asked as much, and you ought to be done in about 5 minutes!

Based on our How Much is a Point Worth guide, 500 free Hyatt points is worth a whopping £7.50! So, excellent value for a 5 minute survey, and decent value for someone with lots of stays/programs like myself who took 12 minutes to complete it…

(The survey focuses a lot on the competing hotel loyalty programs, what aspects of them you do and don’t value, and how you feel they compare to Hyatt. Strangely enough, they didn’t ask you what you thought of the current stupid Hyatt names like Explorist, nor the current World of Hyatt logo which looks like it was designed by a busy intern on a Friday afternoon)

So, before you reflexively hit delete on the email, keep it, at least for a minute! Click through, do the survey, and be 500 points closer to your next Hyatt redemption.


  1. Adam says

    Thanks for posting, always love free points.
    I’m not a member of hyatt, is there anything else you can do with hyatt points like transfers etc other than redeem against their own rooms?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      There is the usual ability to convert into miles, but the conversion rate is quite poor and you’d need a minimum of 5,000 points. (which is the lowest cost free night)

      Unfortunately no email here. Hyatt obviously don’t care what their Globalists think!

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