250 Free Avios (We Think)

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We recently ran an article on the launch of the new Aer Lingus Avios-driven loyalty scheme, Aer Club. The good news is it appears that anyone signing up to Aer Club before 7 January 2017 will earn 250 free Avios for their troubles.

free avios

Given that this is a loyalty programme that most UK-based frequent travellers will eventually probably want to join, now seems as good a time as any to therefore do it.

However, there is a firm caveat here. While several people have reported receiving an email from Aer Club promising 250 free Avios if they sign up before 7 January, it’s not altogether clear if this bonus merely applies to recipients of the email or is being more widely applied to everyone:


We’ve emailed and tweeted Aer Lingus to clarify, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Are Aer Club Avios any use?

Yes. Although these Avios will be earned with AerClub, they’ll soon be fully transferable to your Avios.com or BA Executive Club account (or even Iberia Plus) via the “Combine My Avios” option, so they’re not going to be stranded if you’re not a heavy Aer Lingus user.


  1. Adam says

    Anyone else having trouble with their system recognising your avios password? Mine keeps saying incorrect password but doubled checked by logging into Avios and it’s correct.

    • Tom says

      Hi Adam. Yes I had problems, it’s a touch ridiculous. The password requirements for Aer Club are different to those when you set your Avios password. So, even though it’s the same log-in, if your Avios password doesn’t match the Aer Club requirements you need to change it on Avios.com first.

      I believe you need letters, numbers and a capital letter.

      • Adam says

        Cheers Tom, I did notice the stated new requirements for the Avios password but thought it was a mistake. Unbelievable that the two partners can’t recognise a pre set password.
        Looks like some P changes to get 500 avios.

        • Tom Sumner says

          It is a touch shambolic, but in their defence it does at lease force you to change your Avios password to a more secure one (that you will of course now be unable to remember).

    • ben says

      I had to change my Avios password too. By the way, I did not see that the account was credited with 250 free avios.

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