An Easy Free 1250 Avios (Or A Trickier Free £5) For Joining TopCashback

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Whether you are totally new to the InsideFlyer mission statement of “travelling better for less”, or an absolute veteran, TopCashback should form an essential part of your toolkit. Not only does it allow you to get cashback on travel spend (essentially “free money”), it also lets you transfer that cash into Avios at a very favourable rate.


The value does not, however, end there. We recently collaborated with TopCashback to bring you a fantastic 1250 Avios for simply signing up to the site and spending £10 at any merchant on it.

In the interests of full disclosure, however, we should flag another Topcashback sign-up bonus that has just been made available.

Sign up to TopCashback via this link before the end of 20 November, and you will get £5 in cash when you earn £10 in cashback.

So which should you go with?

Clearly, £5 cash is £5 cash. However, unless you are simply not a collector of Avios, we think the 1250 free Avios offer is substantially better, for the following reasons:

  • We value Avios points at approximately 1 pence each. As such, you’re getting around £12.50 in value here.
  • To get the 1250 free Avios, you only need to sign up to TopCashback and spend £10: the amount of cashback you earn is irrelevant to earning your bonus.
  • To get the £5 cash, you will need to earn £10 in cashback. While that’s not particularly difficult (and over time is entirely achievable), it requires more effort than a simple £10 spend.
  • Finally, note that the free Avios offer is not limited in time like the £5 cash offer: so if you’re reading this after 20 November 2016, in the absence of a new alternative, the 1250 Avios is clearly your best option.

Ultimately, these are two good offers. You should certainly sign-up to TopCashback if you want to maximise the value of your travel dollar

Before you accuse us of a vested interest here, please note that we get a substantially improved commission for you signing up to the £5 offer than we do for you signing up to the 1250 Avios offer! There are no better offers than these currently available, either. 



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