£10 Off And 1000 Free Miles&More Miles With Blacklane Airport Transfer

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Blacklane is a higher end “professional driver” service along the lines of Uber, focused heavily on providing competitively-priced airport transfers.


It operates on a fixed-cost basis, so there’s ample opportunity to compare the Blacklane quote with Uber, minicabs, Heathrow Express etc. You can also earn air miles on rides: specifically, 1 Lufthansa Miles&More miles per £1 spent, or 2 Cathay Pacific Asia Miles per £1 spent.

In addition, we have two combinable promotions that will take a sizeable chunk off your first journey.

Bonus Miles

First of all, travel before 31 December 2016 and you will get 1,000 free Miles&More miles on your first booking with Blacklane. Given that I value Miles&More miles at around 1 pence each (you need to use them carefully), that’s a benefit worth in the region of £10.

Money Off

In addition to the bonus miles, you will also get £10 off your first ride with Blacklane when you use the Blacklane promo code 12JLB0C6. Slightly oddly, you need to enter your credit card details before you will be presented with the Blackland promo code box to add this code, but you can still enter the code before you need to confirm the booking.

Alternatively, if 10% off will prove more valuable than £10 off, use Blacklane promo code Black10%OFF.

Is it worth it?

Potentially, but the value you will get of course heavily depends on your circumstances (and, indeed, numbers travelling.

To use examples, this Thursday at midday, Blacklane would cost the following in its lowest-priced car (Toyota Prius, Camry or Honda Accord):

  • £56.47 from Victoria to Gatwick
  • £45.22 from Paddington to Heathrow

Clearly by themselves, not bad but not stunning prices.

However, take £10 off the prices above and factor in the 1000 free Lufthansa miles, and it looks a lot better. Then, bear in mind that the car can carry up to 3 people, so if we give the miles a £10 value, you are potentially looking at £8.41 a head for a trip from Paddington to Heathrow.

That’s of course something of a “best case scenario”: clearly if you’re a single traveller, don’t really value the Miles&More miles and can get one of the super-advance Heathrow Express rates then there is probably better value for you on the train.

However, given that the walk-on adult single fare for Heathrow Express is £22, then a car for £35.22 (plus Miles) for up to 3 people could really work for you.

If it helps, I will be using Blacklane once, on my next trip from central London to Heathrow. 

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