Heathrow Express Promo Code – Short Term 50% Off Becomes Longer Term 25% Off

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Ian recently posted on what is by far the most generous Heathrow Express promo code that I have ever seen, offering a staggering 50% off standard bookings.


The obvious downside to this offer is that it expires tomorrow (1 November). While we will be testing it beyond this date to see if it really has ended (sometimes these offers seem to continue until someone notices they shouldn’t be…), we should assume that it will.

All is not lost, however. A new Heathrow Express promo code has emerged offering a decent 25% off the Express in standard class. This promo code runs until 23 December 2016 (and is valid for travel up to that date), so there’s substantially more time to take advantage of it.

Before we give details of this promo code, a warning. By far the cheapest way to travel on the Heathrow Express is to buy the massively reduced advance tickets. Neither the 50% off or 25% off Heathrow Express promo codes we feature are applicable to these discounted rates, but rather the promo codes apply only to the standard prices (although obviously not the onboard one), which at £22 single/£36 return are hefty to say the least.


However, if you’ve not been organised/flexible enough to save on an advance ticket (I rarely am), use the Heathrow Express promo code HEX25 to get yourself 25% off. This will take the price for the standard single/return (which are, possibly ironically, called the “Express Saver” fare) from £22/£36 to £16.50/£27.


Finally, as flagged in Ian’s post (but worth re-flagging): if you spend over £50 on Heathrow Express tickets using a UK-issued American Express card, you’ll currently get a further £10 off (by way of a credit to your Amex account). Clearly this won’t work for one ticket alone (as there’s nothing over £50), but if you’re buying multiple tickets, it could give you a great stackable discount.


  1. Ian Perry says

    10% back from Simply Rewards (Nationwide Credit/Debit cards) on any Heathrow Express spend. Might work for some if spending less than £50.

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