All The Shops Where You Can Spend Nectar And Avios As Cash

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As we have described in detail in a variety of articles of late, the Nectar and Avios partnership now means you can “cash out” your Avios for 1.6 Nectar points. As a Nectar point is basically worth 0.5p to spend in Sainsburys (and others, bear with me), that means each Avios point will get you 0.8p in near-“cash” value.

I’m therefore frequently asked by those who have converted their Avios, where to spend Nectar points received as a result.

The obvious option here is the figurehead Nectar partner, Sainsburys. However, it is not alone. While we’ve covered various other Nectar spend options, I don’t think we’ve ever done a single article covering them all. Here they are:

The Nectar spend options

Sainsburys: As noted above, and as I really hope you all know, you can spend your Nectar points as cash in Sainsburys at a 0.5p per point value.

ebay: You can also spend Nectar points on ebay, getting a 0.5p per point value.

Argos: Per the two above, Argos also lets you spend Nectar points at a 0.5p value.

Marks & Spencer: A lesser known option, you can again cash out your Nectar points at M&S for a 0.5p value. However, slightly oddly, it needs to be  activated through the Mail online website.

Dulux Decorator centre: As possibly the least glamorous points redemption ever, 4,000 Nectar points will get you £20 in Dulux Decorator Centre vouchers. If I find out anyone ended up using their Avios points for this, it will make me cry.

Viking Direct: Only marginally more enticing than watching paint dry, you can spend your Nectar points on office supplies at Viking Direct, again getting the standard 0.5p per point value.

Habitat: Get 0.5p per Nectar point at home improvement specialists Habitat.

Brakes: Another slightly unexpected one, business caterers Brakes allow you to spend Nectar points with them for the classic 0.5p value.

Caffe Nero: this is the first “gaming” opportunity outside of the fixed 0.5p Nectar point value. 350 Nectar points will get you any “barista-prepared” hot or cold drink, of any size, at Caffe Nero. If that drink ordinarily costs more than £1.75, you’re getting over 0.5p per Nectar point, woohoo.

Sky Store: Another very minor “hack” on the fixed 0.5p Nectar point value, you can redeem your points for films at Sky Store at the following rates:

  • £5.99 for 1,050 points
  • £7.99 for 1,400 points
  • £9.99 for 1,750 points
  • £11.99 for 2,100 points
  • £13.99 for 2,450 points
  • £15.99 for 2,800 points

That’s 0.57p per Nectar point, and note that you do not need to be a Sky TV customer to buy/rent these movies, and there’s no subscription required. You can watch the movies in Sky Store on your laptop, TV, mobile, tablet, NOW TV device or Chromecast or download to watch offline through the Sky Store player app for Mac/PC, Android/iOS devices.

Eurostar: Finally, a nice travel option. You can cash out your Nectar points for 0.5p a point with Eurostar.

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Sumner’s Final Thought

The largely fixed 0.5p value of Nectar (and therefore 0.8p value of Avios) means there are very limited opportunities for effectively boosting your points value. However, there is a range of shops you can now spend Nectar (and therefore Avios) points at. In addition, the fact that an Avios will land you with 1.6 Nectar points (and therefore 0.8p value at the majority of Nectar partners) is, in itself, a good value option.

Therefore, have a good look at the above – whether it’s Sainsburys, M&S or ebay, using your Avios here (via Nectar) for a 0.8p value is a very solid redemption.

Or, sit back and watch a Sky Store movie while sipping an enormous Caffe Nero coffee, and you can definitely call yourself a “Nectar Hacker”. 

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  1. Craig says

    Do you know if there’s a limit to how much you can spend in Nectar points per transaction at these retailers? I was under the impression that the maximum was £200 per transaction but there’s no mention of that for M&S and Argos mentions £500?

    • Tom Sumner says

      The only limits I am aware of are as follows:
      – Argos 100k Nectar for £500 credit (as you note)
      – Habitat as Argos
      – ebay 40k Nectar for £200 credit

      Beyond that (e.g. M&S), it seems that, in theory, you can redeem without limit. However, I can’t guarantee that there won’t be an issue with massive redemptions. That may be based on a hidden specific term, a hidden “fair use” term, or just a general nervousness.

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