How To Hack Petrol Cost To £1.11 A Litre (Diesel £1.15)

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While I’m an EV man myself, there’s currently a very good opportunity to reduce your fossil fuel spend using the Esso and Nectar partnership.

While we are told that some members may be excluded from it, Nectar have pretty widely rolled out a bonus offer of 500 points when you buy 20 or more litres of petrol. If you don’t receive an email or don’t have the offer on your Nectar online account or app, read below for another option, that should work.

The offer ends on 19 May, and the bonus Nectar points from the Esso Nectar offer will be added to your points within 28 days of that.

nectar esso

Current Esso prices at the pump are £1.24 a litre for petrol, and £1.28 a litre for diesel. With this offer, you’ll get 520 Nectar points on a 20 litre fill up (the 500 points bonus, plus 1 point per litre per the standard earning). That’s a rebate worth £2.60 on your 20 litre spend, and takes the “effective” price per litre down to a much better £1.11 (petrol) or £1.15 (diesel).

Plus, buy anything in the shop and you’ll also get 2 Nectar points per £1 spent. 

Not targeted for this Esso Nectar offer?

We appreciate this offer is not available to everyone, but it seems you will still be able to earn 500 points on your first fill up using the Esso app.

The Esso app also makes it much easier to collect Nectar points by linking your Nectar and Esso accounts, and you can even pay for your fuel from the comfort of your car.

The app can be downloaded for Apple here, and Android here.

I don’t think that this 500 points bonus stacks with the additional Nectar 500 point bonus flagged above, but it’s definitely worth trying. 


  1. cinereus says

    Esso petrol prices are not the same across locations. And, while other extractavist petroleum companies are hardly saints, there’s good reason to boycott Esso even if you can save a few quid.

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