Got An Amex Business Card? – Don’t Miss Out On £100-£150 Worth Of Free Stuff Every Year

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One of the lesser known perks of the Amex Business Gold and Business Platinum Cards are the twice-yearly statement credits you can receive for purchases with Dell.

As you can see above, Business Platinum cardholders receive one £75 statement credit between 1st January-30th June, and a second £75 statement credit credit between 1st July- 31st December.

Business Gold cardholders receive one £50 statement credit between 1st January-30th June, and a second £50 statement credit between 1st July- 31st December.

Given that the Business Gold card is free in the first year, this is an extremely generous benefit.

How to register for the Amex Business Dell offer

Registration is required, and finding the right page is actually a bit tricky. The simplest thing to do is to log in to your Amex account and then just follow the direct link here.

You should then see the following screen:

Scroll down and click “Enroll”

I actually got an error message the first time I tried, but when I refreshed the page, the offer was clearly added to my account:

Bottom line

Being able to get £100 of free stuff from Dell just for having the (free in first year) Amex Business Gold is a great little bonus.

In comparison, the £150 for Business Platinum cardholders seems a bit mean, but if you’ve got the card already, you might as well make use of the benefit!

Have you spotted anything interesting/useful to spend your credit on? 


  1. Andy says

    The struggle with this is to find something that’s good value to make the most of your credit. I thought I’d get a few USB keys, for £56 I can get 4 of them, so that’s £6 spent overall.

    The exactly same item on Amazon is £4.98, so you’d get 11 of them and still have a pound leftover compared to buying from Dell.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yeah, I haven’t taken a close look yet at what to get. Free is free, but I doubt it will encourage me to spend more with Dell!

    • Justin says

      If you look at the price breakdown of the £56 spent on x4 32GB USB’s…. £19 of that is for delivery!

      • Andrew Bowness says

        I didn’t properly look at the breakdown to be honest. A month or so ago I took a look and it was free delivery, I should have just pulled the trigger then. I’ll probably end up getting a spare monitor or try to find something that I can easily flog on eBay.

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