British Tourists Can Visit Portugal From Monday

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The Portuguese Government has announced that British tourists will be welcome once again from midnight on Monday 17th May, but must have had a negative PCR test result within the previous 72 hours.

Portugal was placed on England’s ‘Green List’ last week, meaning that from 17th May, there is no requirement to quarantine when arriving back home.

A statement from the Portuguese Foreign Ministry confirmed the new plan:

“With an air capacity from (at least) 21 airports in the United Kingdom into Portugal, reinforced due to the high demand from this market, the options are wide for the British tourists to visit Portugal from any point… People from the United Kingdom have visited Portugal and celebrated our culture, traditions, landmarks, history, and enjoyed our warm hospitality for decades. We look forward to welcome all travellers coming from the UK.”

João Fernandes, the president of the Algarve Tourism Board, welcomed the decision, “It’s really important because the UK is our main market and there isn’t the concern about the [health] risk because they have the best pandemic indicators.”

Bottom line

I’m sure many readers will be keen to get away this summer, and Portugal is the first ‘mainstream’ realistic option available – as well as being a wonderful destination in its own right. Hopefully we will see more countries added to the Green List in the coming weeks and months.


  1. DanDanTheCovidMan says

    Portugal is a crazy one.

    On Monday the UK reported ZERO new cases.
    Portugal still has over 2,000 new cases a day.

    Portugal is also still in an official state of “Calamity”.

    Quote from Portugese spokesperson: “Coronavirus is still causing concern in Portugal and the country has extended its state of calamity to 30 May.”

    It just seems daft it’s on the green list.
    Portugal are Okay accepting us in as the risk is much lower for their country. People will absolutely bring it back from Portugal and won’t isolate.

    • Sam says

      This is a very dangerous decision. Putting it on the green list has given a false message that it is safe to visit whilst it is not really in fact. A negative test result is simply not enough, examples around the world has shown that people can still be tested positive upon arrival despite they have negative reports upon departure. By the time the results are released from the day 2 and 8 tests it is already too late to rectify any issue.

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