Nectar Launches “Nectar Travel” – Don’t Get Too Excited

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With the Nectar and Avios collaboration allowing you to swap the two loyalty currencies, there’s been a fair bit of enthusiasm around Nectar of late. We’ve certainly stepped up our Nectar point hunts, while increasing the shopping trips to Sainsbury’s.

There’s also been a few opportunities to earn some easy Nectar points.

We were therefore intrigued by the recent launch of “Nectar Travel“, billed as “Your First Stop For Travel“. Indeed, the introductory info sounds very promising…

The “big name partners ‘on-board’ (wink-wink)” attempt at humour actually caused me to go into a quite serious spasm. Unfortunately, things really don’t get any better from there onwards. The sad reality is that “Nectar Travel” is just the grouping together of those relatively few Nectar partners in any way related to travel.

As such, it includes:

  • The Avios partnership
  • The tie-ups with various UK train companies and Eurostar
  • Nectar hotels (which we haven’t really focused on because it’s not very good – offering a small handful of Nectar points on hotel bookings via Nectar)
  • The Esso partnership, which suggests to me that they were getting a little desperate.

You can also fill in a slightly odd “Travel Survey”, which will apparently lead to you being notified of more relevant travel offers in the future. The survey is more than a bit glitchy, as it contains various options for dates long-past:


I will be the first to admit that more than once I have knocked a very weak promotional launch, only for it to come good with a sweetener or two. Not least on that basis, I think Nectar travel is worth keeping an eye on. While I think it very unlikely it will ever be “Your First Stop For Travel”, I do think there’s every possible it could offer travel-specific promos and bonuses.

The first example of this, and its execution is rather in keeping with the slapdash nature of this “launch” generally, is the 50 bonus Nectar points you’ll get for watching a short Esso video…

The problem for me here is that when I click on “Get offers” to watch a (probably not very) short video for the points equivalent of 25 pence, it’s nowhere to be seen. If you can find it, please let me know.

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