Check Out These Lufthansa/Swiss FIRST CLASS Bargains…

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Tom covered Lufthansa’s excellent ‘companion sale’ for premium flights starting in Amsterdam a couple of days ago, but I wanted to draw your attention specifically to the First Class bargains.

You have until 7th April to book and the low prices are only possible if you are travelling with a companion. The trips can again take place until 16th December and can be booked on the Lufthansa offer page here.

Lufthansa & SWISS First Class Sale

The following prices apply per person:

  • Bangkok from ~£1,700
  • Mumbai from ~£1,700
  • Delhi from ~£1,700
  • Johannesburg from ~£1,870
  • Singapore from ~£1,955
  • Hong Kong from ~£2,040

There are plenty of other options too.

Lufthansa & SWISS First Class

At Lufthansa, the same seats are installed on all aircraft types that have First Class. The cabins have 8 seats. In the first class terminal or in the airline’s exclusive first class lounges, the travel experience begins even before the actual long-haul flight.

Cheap first class flights

At SWISS, there are currently various First Class products in the air, with the oldest onboard the A340s and the newest featured on the Boeing 777s. First Class on the Boeing 777s have 8 seats, with a door that can be closed on request.

Cheap first class flights

Bottom line

Of course, £1700+ is a lot of money, and you need to reposition to Amsterdam too. But, if you’ve always wanted to try Lufthansa or SWISS First Class, this is an opportunity to do so for substantially less than direct flights in Business Class frequently are:

Cabin photos & cover photo: (c) Lufthansa & SWISS

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