What Is Going On WIth IHG’s Weird New ‘Work From Hotel’ Offers?

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IHG recently unveiled a new initiative to encourage people to book day rooms at its hotels, to work from. The ‘Work From Hotel’ rates are, in principle, very similar to what many other hotels are already promoting, however, there are a few peculiarities with IHG’s version.

What is IHG’s Work From Hotel rate?

It seems simple enough – book a hotel room for 4-10 hours to work from:

“The room rate includes use of a guest room with desk space during the daytime between 8am and 6pm (depending on the time slot you choose), complimentary Wi-Fi and tea and coffee when consumed in the guest room. Additional benefits may also be included subject to the participating hotel’s package which can be confirmed directly with your selected hotel.

There are up to three time slots available to choose from at hotels: Full Day 8am – 6pm; Half Day Morning 8am -12noon or Half Day Afternoon 12noon – 6pm. Slots and rates are subject to availability and may only be available for a limited number of guest rooms (and room types) at the hotel.”

What is strange about IHG’s Work From Hotel rate?

The first thing that’s odd is that although these are IHG hotels and IHG is promoting the offer, you can’t actually book these rates with IHG. Instead, you need to click on the hotel you want (after clicking on the region):

You then get redirected to a site called DayUse, which also offers day rooms with other hotel chains too:

Because you are forced to technically book through a third-party, rather than with IHG itself, you will not earn any IHG Rewards Points or status credits for your booking. This contrasts badly with Hilton, for example, where it is easy to book day rooms directly on the Hilton website and earn points/bonus points/status credits.

The final thing that’s weird about the IHG Work From Hotel rates is that the prices are often rubbish. For example, why would you pay £45 for a morning at a hotel…

…when you could pay £8.59 more for a full day and night (and earn points and status credit) by making a normal booking through IHG:

Bottom line

IHG’s Work From Hotel promotion seems pretty half-baked to me. Have you managed to spot any value in it?

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