How I Made A Profit Booking A Hilton Day Room

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Craig recently flagged that a very solid Hilton promotion is set to finish at the end of this month – the deal is 10,000 bonus Honors points for your first time booking a day room (or “WorkSpaces by Hilton“, to give the day rooms their more formal name).

While of use to many, for whatever reason, the day room has never really appealed to me. Ok it’s a touch more private, but frankly if I need work space away from home or the office, I’ll just use a Starbucks or something like a Virgin Money Lounge.

However, Craig’s post got me thinking. I’ve never used a Hilton day room before so I qualify for the bonus, and Hilton Honors points are worth about 0.4 pence each. Accordingly, 10K Honors points are worth around £40.

Then there are the add-ons:

  • I’ll get a further 2,000 points under the current Hilton Points Unlimited promo.
  • I’ll get 10 X $ spend base Honors points for the spend plus the same again as an Elite Status Bonus.
  • I’ll also get a 250 point “MyWay” Bonus.

My great value WorkSpace

Being currently based in Devon and in need of some office space, I noticed that I could get a “WorkSpace” at the Hampton Hilton Exeter Airport for just £28:

I would therefore get 380 base Honors points for the £28 ($38) spend plus 380 points Elite Status Bonus, leaving me with a total of 13,010 Honors points worth around £52.

Given the effective rebate on this £28 stay, that’s a technical “profit” of £24. Plus it’s another “stay” towards my elite status qualification.

(If I’m being ultra pedantic/frugal, I could have got a further 28p reduction by getting 1% cashback with – and note that’s the US, not the UK site. The latter does not currently offer Hilton cashback).

Not based in the Westcountry?

You can search for some other good value options here.

One to flag, for example, is the Hilton London Hyde Park. With a day room available at £37, you’d still make a £16 profit based on my maths above.

Any other perks?

You may also get breakfast included if you are Gold/Diamond and turn up in time – but it’s not guaranteed.

A Warning

Travel hacking is great fun and this is a potentially good offer. However, there is an ongoing pandemic and our advice is to be sensible and play by the rules. If this gives you a decent opportunity to travel safely and get paid for using a required day room office, then go for it. However, please behave responsibly if doing so.

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  1. john browell says

    Genius idea. I’d seen the promotion, and other Inside Flyer articles about it, but never seriously thought about it. I could book the Leeds Hampton for £28 day rate; it’s a short drive to the hotel, and would give me a break from my normal home office. Very tempted, thanks for the motivation.

  2. john browell says

    Well, I’m in the Hampton right now; too good an opportunity to miss. Felt very strange coming anywhere like this; I felt like I was breaking the rules.
    The friendly check in person gave me 2 options; I could have an actual bedroom, or I could use their work space, which is a separate closed room off their lounge area. He showed me the work space first, and I picked that; 2 main reasons for my decision:
    1. I felt a bit guilty that if I used a bedroom, they would have to clean it, and I’m only doing this to get the points.
    2. There are additional parking charges I had not factored in, so I only plan to stay a few hours, so the parking is no more than £6. This Leeds Hampton has ANPR cameras covering the car park.
    As an added bonus, I can get free coffee from the machine in the breakfast area just round the corner. And even better, the check in guy also offered me a free sausage sandwich !

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