Triple Nectar Points At eBay Means More Avios

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Joe recently wrote about some new Nectar eBay offers that were starting to appear, with the hint of more to come. The good news is, one has just landed, offering triple Nectar points on spends over £15 at eBay, until 20 March.

That means you’ll earn 3 Nectar points per £1 spent at eBay.

With a Nectar point convertible to 0.625 Avios, that’s approaching 2 Avios per £1.

How to claim

This offer should be available on your eBay home screen. You simply click on “activate now” on the promo banner, and you’ll receive instant confirmation that you’re signed up.

Alternatively, you should be able to activate the offer via your Nectar account on the Nectar website or app (you’ll be taken to the same confirmation screen as above).

There doesn’t seem to be much small print to this promotion, beyond the need to sign up and spend over £15 before 20 March. If you have a planned eBay spend, therefore, now is probably as good as any time to do it.

Finally, while as a travel website we do focus on the “Avios conversion” element to Nectar points (business class travel, even with BA, tends to be more glamorous than tinned beans), you should not necessarily assume that all Nectar points must be sent across to Avios.

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