New Ebay/Nectar Bonus Points Promotions = Bonus Avios

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Just a quick Sunday morning heads-up that you might be able to bag a few hundred easy Nectar Points (and therefore Avios) if you take a look at your account. My app is showing an offer worth 250 bonus points for linking my Nectar and eBay accounts, and then spending £10+ on ebay.

“How to get this offer

  • Click ‘Visit website’ to activate the offer
  • Link your Nectar and eBay accounts
  • Spend £10 or more on any eligible item on eBay before offer expiry
  • Your 250 points will be awarded within 28 days of offer expiry”

It seems that some people have been targeted with a superior 500 points offer, but I can’t get that to work on my account.

Even if you already have your accounts linked together, it may still be worth keeping an eye on your offers over the next few days. There’s a rather intriguing “Coming Soon” Nectar/eBay placeholder listed in my offers:

When I clicked on the Terms and Conditions, this is what came up:

“Terms and conditions apply. Accounts must be linked, to link your Nectar and eBay accounts visit: Up to 300 base points, points will be awarded within 28 days. Full terms & conditions:”

That looks like the old generic link and terms to me, so I doubt it gives us many clues at to what the new offer will look like.

If you were intending to make a major eBay purchase soon though, it may (or may not) be worth holding off for a bit if you can…


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