Spanish Bargains – 25% Off All Iberia Flights

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Iberia Plus is currently offering a straightforward 25% off gift cards bought before 19 March. The gift cards are then valid for a year, and can be used on flights booked through

Should you go for this?

Clearly, if you plan to book an Iberia flight on the website sometime in the next year, this is an excellent opportunity to knock a straightforward 25% off the cost.

You don’t need to use all of the gift card on one purchase – any left over credit after a flight is paid for will remain on the card for the full year.

With some excellent air fares currently available with Iberia, this is a potentially good way to further discount your flight. I noticed returns to Madrid at around £60 return, so as little as £45 via the gift card offer.

Of course, we can’t make any promises about when Spanish travel will return, but this may be a good opportunity to make a speculative summer holiday booking.

Will this work on taxes and fees on Avios redemption flights?

As you may well be aware, Iberia Plus typically offers Avios redemptions with a much lower tax/fee charge than BA redemptions.

Sadly, however, the gift cards cannot be used on flights that use Avios as the payment method.



    Can you only buy 1 card of the same value. I see buying 2 x50s is cheaper than buying 1 x100.
    Doesnt make sense at all..

    • Tom Sumner says

      I think you can buy as many as you want. Clearly a special deal on £50 gift cards as they’re seemingly unwilling to go into decimal places on payment amounts!

      This actually ties in with the statement at the top of the promotion, that you can “get up to 26% off the gift card amount”

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