Tracking your new favourite loyalty points (Nectar)

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(Firstly, an apology to InsideFlyer UK editor, Joe. I know I said I would try not to write a load of stuff about Nectar, but thought this subject worth covering)

With so much publicity about the Avios and Nectar partnership, no doubt we will see new readers here who’ve been Nectar collectors in the past but not really had an interest in travel loyalty schemes.

Conversely, we’ll have our traditional audience of points and miles enthusiasts. Perhaps looking for options to transform an Avios balance into something else while travel is  somewhat restrictive.

Whichever camp you are in, we hope you find valuable content here on InsideFlyer.

Now that your Nectar points and Avios are readily and freely exchangeable in either direction, you are going to want to make doubly sure they don’t expire. While Nectar’s rules initially read quite positively, it quickly becomes clear that the rules are a little draconian if you are not earning or burning regularly.

Nectar expiry rules

What is not clear is if transferring from Avios into Nectar counts as earning. Conversely, does Nectar to Avios count as spending? There is nothing to cover this in the help section of, so I am not taking the risk.


You points and miles veterans reading this probably already know about AwardWallet. You know how easy it is to keep track of almost all of your hotel, airline and shopping points. You know that it tracks elite status and future bookings. For those new to this game, I would strongly encourage you to sign up. It’s free, with the option to subscribe for additional features. Although there is no obligation to do so, I happily pay for the Plus service. I value the premium features, and feel happy to contribute to the developers for a very useful tool.

There is a huge range of loyalty schemes supported, and a very strong user base according to figures from AwardWallet’s website:

I wrote in detail about AwardWallet a few years back, in this article. There you will find more details of the capabilities, and benefits of the Plus membership option. In line with the subject of this article, bear in mind that the standard option only lets you track expiry on 3 programmes. AwardWallet Plus offers tracking of expiry of unlimited points and miles programmes. While we are travelling less, this becomes particularly important. Last weekend was 12 months from my last flight, and next week is 12 months from when I was last in my employer’s office in London. By using AwardWallet Plus, I can be confident that none of my previously earned miles and points will expire while working from home.


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