Avios / Tesco Partnership to End Soon

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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British Airways Executive Club / Avios and Tesco are ending their relationship. The last day to order a conversion of your Tesco Clubcard points into Avios will be 18 January, 2021.

If you are still set up to receive vouchers on a quarterly basis, you should see your next batch in November. These will be the last ones you can convert to Avios. The first vouchers you’ll receive in 2021 will arrive too late to be converted to Avios – so if you choose supermarkets based on Avios, you should stop shopping at Tesco fairly soon.

If you have the Tesco Clubcard App, you can continue to collect points until early January. This is because App users can order e-vouchers at any time – which you can then convert into Avios ahead of the deadline.

Does it Really Matter Any More?

Most readers who consider themselves “travel hackers” are surely quite fond of Tesco Clubcard. Whether it was 3V / pay.com gift cards or Tesco Direct bonus point promotions, Tesco was often the best way to accumulate Avios at little to no net cost…

In recent years, however, Tesco management has put a stop to the best offers – which to be honest were merely an unprofitable way to juice the headline revenue figures to please the City of London – and so most travel hackers now have little to no reason to shop at Tesco.

In addition, Avios ceased to be the most attractive reward option for those with Clubcard vouchers to spend, unless you were grandfathered on the old conversion ratio.

Tesco and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Will Remain as Partners

If you still prefer to shop at Tesco and insist on converting your Clubcard vouchers to miles, the Virgin Atlantic partnership will remain.  Your £2.50 vouchers will still convert to 625 Virgin miles.

It has been awhile, however, since Tesco and Virgin have given away 1,000 free miles for signing up to auto-convert. I don’t know whether Virgin Atlantic’s financial difficulties are responsible, or whether InsideFlyer UK readers have overwhelmed Tesco / Virgin Atlantic’s will to promote the partnership with free miles!

The Bottom Line

You can read the news of the partnership ending by clicking here.

I’ll be sad to see this partnership end, although I assume that British Airways is working on a replacement. Waitrose might be an interesting choice.

What are your fondest memories of Tesco travel hacks? Let us know in the comments section…

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