Why You Need To Watch Out When Making Hilton Bookings From Now On…

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Like the rest of the travel industry, Hilton has been offering increased flexibility on cancellations to help reassure travellers and encourage them to book. As of yesterday, that policy has changed. You will now need to pay very close attention to the precise booking cancellation conditions when deciding which rate to book with Hilton.

The new policy is as follows:

“All our hotels offer fully flexible booking options with free changes and cancellations. Most hotels even give you flexibility to change or cancel up to 24 hours before your arrival day*. ​​ Also, any individual reservations made prior to October 1st, 2020 are eligible for free changes or cancellation up to 24-hours before your arrival day.​​

*Some exclusions to the 24-hour window may apply. Please refer to the property’s Rate Details for applicable terms or exceptions, if any, when booking or changing reservations.​”

Bookings made before yesterday (1st October 2020) will still benefit from the previous flexible policy.

When you make a new booking from now on, you will need to choose a flexible (usually more expensive) rate, if you want to be sure of being able to cancel without penalty.

Bottom line

I would strongly recommend booking flexible rates for the foreseeable future. There is just too much uncertainty to gamble on a slightly cheaper nonrefundable rate. Regardless – just be 100% sure that you understand the terms of what you are booking.

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