Check Your Email – You Might be Targeted for a Free $10

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Every once in awhile I write about Topcashback’s USA version. Even though many vendors won’t be relevant to UK-based readers, one merchant stands out… – the company that processes many transactions where you buy points or miles.

For the handful of you who calculate the cost per miles/point down to a couple of decimal points, that additional 2-2.5% of cashback can come in handy, especially when combined with another TCB offer…

In addition, the US version of Topcashback sometimes offers a higher level of cashback than the UK version. Recently I received an 8% rebate on a Marriott Bonvoy booking, instead of the 5% offered by the UK version. It’s not difficult to cash out to Paypal, or a US bank account if you have one.

I certainly know that a few of you have followed my advice, as I’ve received a few clicks on my refer-a-friend link for the USA version of Topcashback. (which I much appreciate)

Check Your Email…

Like many of you, I use the US version of Topcashback infrequently. Which might explain why I received an email yesterday offering me $10 for spending $10. The offer is definitely targeted, so you should check your own emails. But if you’ve never signed up, you’ll never receive these opportunities, which I admit are a waste of time to some, but free money to others…

I might buy a handful of Marriott points, as today is the last day to take advantage of the current 50% bonus offer, or I might just book my next Marriott Bonvoy stay.

I could also stack this $10 offer with Accor’s promotion offering me 20 euros for a one-night stay. I wonder if I could find an Ibis hotel that is so cheap that I could make money from an overnight getaway…

The Bottom Line

Do you ever use Topcashback’s US website? Did you receive this email as well? Let us know in the comments section


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