Buy Cheaper Avios From Iberia Plus This Month

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Iberia Plus has returned again with its regular offer of a 50% bonus when buying Avios. The promotion will run until 30th June 2020.

The normal purchase limit is 200,000 Avios per year, so with the 50% bonus added on top, you could end up with a maxinum of 300,000 Avios added to your Iberia Plus account. Naturally, you can send these over to British Airways Executive Club thanks to “Combine my Avios“.

How Much Will it Cost Me?

The cheapest “per Avios” price requires you to purchase 100,000 Avios for 1,800 euros. Thanks to the 50% bonus, you’d actually receive 150,000 Avios.

You would therefore be spending approximately £1625 for 150,000 Avios, which is just under 1.1p per Avios.

Should I Buy?

1.1p is better than regular price, but this isn’t a price at which I’d speculatively buy Avios, even in normal times.

If you do have a high-value use in mind though, you can certainly get value from this promotion.

Bottom Line

You can reach the landing page for buying Avios by clicking here.


Promotion valid from 18th to 30th June, 2020 (from 7.00 am and according to schedule mainland Spain) only for purchases or gifts made by means of the option made available to “All Iberia Plus customers”, placed in the first position of “Purchase” or ”Gift”. Bonus will be awarded to the recipient of the Avios. The Purchaser can purchase a maximum of 200,000 Avios in any one calendar year. Therefore purchasing or gifting Avios will no longer be available until January, 1st 2021.
Price includes VAT. Only Euros and US Dollars are accepted as payment currency. A maximum of 200,000 Avios can be purchased in a single calendar year. Purchased Avios are not refundable once confirmed by the client.

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