Win 20,000 Avios With SeatSpy – And Find Reward Flight Availability Much Quicker!

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We have written before about SeatSpy – it’s an incredibly useful tool for points/miles collectors that makes finding reward space quick and easy. It currently provides results for British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France and KLM, and you can read more about the various pricing plans (including FREE!) here.

To help encourage new members to sign up to ‘Premium’ or ‘First Class’ subscriptions while they are still offering discounted ‘Founder Member’ pricing (which stays the same for life), SeatSpy is running a nice little promotion with a main prize of 20,000 Avios:

“Sign-up to either a Premium or First class subscription to SeatSpy before midnight on the 26th of May 2020 and you will automatically be entered into our reward points prize draw and stand a chance to win one of the following: 

1st Prize: 20,000 Avios

Runners Up Prizes: Five one year First Class subscriptions to SeatSpy 

Don’t forget, if you sign up to either a Premium or First class subscription you’ll also be taking advantage of the amazing Founder Member offer. Good Luck!” 

You can sign up (and be automatically entered into the prize draw) here.

Bottom line

SeatSpy is genuinely one of the most useful new things we have seen in the points/miles world for a while, so even if you don’t want to sign up for a paid subscription, the free option is still definitely worth a look.

If you were already considering signing up, it makes good sense to do so by the 26th May, as that way you’ll get the discounted Founder Member pricing for life, and the chance to win 20,000 Avios!


  1. Stephen Lynn says

    That Seatspy company gives NO option to close/delete an account and, therefore, promoting them was a MAJOR mistake by InsideFlyer no do they give an option to contact them either.

    DO NOT JOIN SEATSPY it’s basically a company that DOES NOT wanted to be contact if you EVER may have problems with your subscription, as no doubt that explains why their subscription service is so cheap because they don’t want to be contacted.

    • Stephen Lynn says

      Only lucky to find their email address via an auto reply when joining their free service, but it’s really bad when they give you no option to if you wish to close/delete an account which is very unprofessional. I have requested my account to be deleted from their database, as I will not be using their poorly executed service.

      • Joe Deeney says

        Hi Stephen,

        I’m really sorry to hear about that.

        (Admittedly mostly from a business/product development pov) I’ve found the team there very responsive and genuinely very keen to improve their offering. I completely agree about the importance of being able to cancel and to contact easily, but hopefully this is more an oversight from a new business and something that can be rectified quickly. I will personally make them aware of your comments right now and ask them to reply on here as well as to you personally.

        All the best,

        Joe Deeney, Editor InsideFlyer UK

    • craig roberts says

      Hi Stephen,

      Sorry to hear that you had some troubles changing your membership and getting in touch with us. If you go to the website you will see a tab labelled “support” on the left hand side, this is how you can drop us an email (or you can email us directly at [email protected]).



  2. Eppleby says

    I had no trouble finding the ‘support’ tab and was able to give feedback immediately.

    I have registered for the Premium but if they’d offered the three months trial with the First Class subscription I would have taken that at £2.99pm.

  3. Andrew M says

    First off I’ve got to say that I love how easy searches are on Seat Spy and the way the site works generally. It’s a fantastic service and I don’t know why airlines don’t offer a similar format on their own sites. It’s almost as if they didn’t want you to use your miles…

    After a bit of agonizing I decided to stay on the Economy (free) level as I didn’t think I’d use the extra features enough to justify the cost.

    I have noticed something recently on Seat Spy that I didn’t expect. Since the new pricing structure came into force, there seems to be a limit on the number of non BA manual searches that can be performed. I’ve made a very small number of manual Air France searches and I now get a message telling me I’ve reached the limit for my tier.

    Did I miss that restrictions on searches were being imposed on Economy level members? I understood that notifications were being restricted but not manual searches. I still can’t see anything on the Seat Spy website about it. It would definitely have affected my decision on whether to accept the founder member paid offer if I knew non BA searches would be limited.

    Am I the only person who didn’t know the search limits were coming?

    • Andrew M says

      Seat Spy have confirmed that non BA searches (ie AF, KLM and Virgin) are limited to four per month for Economy (free) members.

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