Review: AIRMATE Tablet – A Smart Way to Use Your Tablet on Flights (Perfect for Families with Kids!)

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AIRMATE Mobile has got a big brother: ‘AIRMATE Tablet’. Now you can easily place your tablet in front of you when flying and watch your favourite TV series or movie in comfort.

When flying, you’ve probably tried standing your tablet on the table in front of you. Then you look down, and it is really not the most comfortable way to sit. You could also hold your tablet in your hand, or try to get it to sit firmly in the magazine holder in the back of the chair in front of you. Nothing is completely comfortable for more than a few minutes… which is where the AIRMATE Tablet comes in.

This is what AIRMATE Tablet looks like when unpacked.

Simplifiers, the manufacturer of the AIRMATE Tablet, recently sent us one of their brand new products so that we could test it out. Our good friend and Editor of InsideFlyer Denmark, Henrik, was just about to head off on a trip, so here are his thoughts:

Design & Use

The AIRMATE Tablet is designed in the same way as its little brother – the AIRMATE Mobile. The device can be placed directly on the table lock on the seat in front of you. Alternatively, it can also be used as a normal tablet holder/stand on a plane or elsewhere. But the product comes into its own when you get your tablet off the table and up to eye level.

AIRMATE Tablet Holder – It easily holds a normal iPad.

AIRMATE Tablet is designed to be used with several different types of tablets. It fits the typical smaller tablets and the various iPads, but also things like a Nintendo Switch. It can easily handle devices from 7 inches up to 11 inches.


AIRMATE Tablet is made using the same principles as the previous model for mobile phones. It is fitted with plastic and a rubber band to hold the tablet to the holder. In our review of AIRMATE Mobile, there was potential doubt about the durability of the product, but here a year later we can say that there is no problem with this. With extra rubber bands in the package, you should be fine for several years.

AIRMATE Tablet set up on an airBaltic flight.

Value for money

The standard price for an AIRMATE Tablet is ~£20 (23 Euros). This (as with its predecessor) is a bit on the high end, but Simplifiers constantly run promotions where you can get it cheaper.

In general, I’m a big fan of the product, particularly when travelling with my children. It is completely impossible to have a tablet on the table while having food – at least my 6-year-old son can’t handle it! But, by putting the tablet on the back of his chair, he could eat and continue watching movies on an iPad. This is definitely a product I can see many families valuing when flying.

InsideFlyers readers get a 30% discount

Until 16th December 2019, as an InsideFlyer reader, you can get 30% off an AIRMATE Tablet. This brings the price down to ~£14.00 (16.10 Euros),

To benefit from the discount, use the following coupon code when buying the product : IFDK1119


Good Points

+ Good development from AIRMATE Mobile
+ Easy to use
+ Provides a clearly improved way to watch movies / TV

Bad Points

- A high selling price, so buy it when it is on offer
- It does not fit all aircraft, so in some places it can not be used optimally





Overall Rating


The AIRMATE Tablet holder is a useful product. It makes your tablet sit securely and in a comfortable position to look at. It also keeps the table free, so you can work or eat the food without being cramped for space!



  1. Stefan Bard says

    Hi it would be nice to know the expiration date of the discount code. Should have wait for black friday cyber monday? Would it be cheaper to do so? Come on guys vwry poor not to put that

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Stefan,

      Code expiry is 16th Dec (now added to article), so no worries about that. Re Black Friday, we’ve been told that the 30% code is the biggest discount they will be offering this year.

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