Is There Going To Be An Amex Transfer Bonus To Marriott Bonvoy Soon?

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the current 50% bonus that Amex is offering on transfers to Hilton Honors. It’s a solid option if you’ve got some Amex MR Points to burn, offering 3 Hilton Points for each Amex Membership Rewards Point, rather than the usual 2.

Hilton Points are useful (I took advantage of the offer myself), but I rate Marriott Bonvoy Points even more highly. The problem is that the standard transfer rate is 2 Amex MR Points = 3 Marriott Bonvoy Points, and I can’t remember ever seeing a bonus.

I was therefore very interested to read on the Indian points/miles blog Live from a Lounge, that right now there is a 50% bonus available for Indian Amex cardholders on transfers to Marriott Bonvoy.

Obviously, just because Amex decides to offer a transfer bonus to a particular hotel/airline partner in one country doesn’t mean that something similar will pop up elsewhere – each market is very different.

The reason this one really caught my attention is because almost exactly a month before the Hilton transfer bonus was available here in the UK, Amex ran a similar offer in India… Is it completely outlandish to think that we might soon see the same thing happen with Marriott?

Bottom line

For now, file this under ‘highly speculative’. But, I will certainly be keeping a close eye on the emails Amex send me over the next few weeks – and you might want to do the same!


  1. SL says

    Current Amex points to Bonvoy points promo ongoing in the US too I believe. Has the Amex to Hilton promo happened in the UK before?

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