Earn Double Avios from British Airways

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Clearly needing to do something to win back customer goodwill after the latest round of strikes, British Airways Executive Club has announced a “double Avios” promotion.

You can earn double Avios on your next 10 flights. All you must do is register – click here to accomplish that – and book before 13 December, 2019. You are free to travel up until 30 June, 2020.

All British Airways operated flights will qualify, including UK and South African domestic flights. You can also earn Double Avios for flights between Europe and North America that are operated by American Airlines, Iberia and Finnair, but only if booked as a BA codeshare under a BA flight code.

You won’t receive bonus Avios on any other flight, even if it has a BA flight number (Vueling, etc.)

What does Double Avios actually mean?

You will receive double the BASE Avios that you receive on your flight. Cabin or tier bonuses are not doubled.

If you book a cheap economy fare therefore – one that earns only 25% of miles flown – you will earn an additional 25% of miles flown.

And any flexible or Club World / Europe fares will earn a bonus of 100% of miles flown.

Anything else to consider?

Only your first ten flights (after registering) will receive the extra bonus (note that it’s technically 10 ‘segments’ ie 10 one way flights or 5 returns). Therefore, if you have a BA long haul trip or two in mind for the first half of 2020, you might want to put some thought into delaying registration or crediting some short-haul flights to a different frequent flyer programme.

British Airways is allowing people to register retroactively. If you have booked BA flights between 29 August – 18 September 2019, you can use this form to request retroactive registration of those flights.


Is this promotion enough to win you back to British Airways? It’s certainly a nice bonus for those of us who were completely unaffected by the strikes…


  1. Sharat Misra says

    For some strange , when I try and register , it tells me I am not eligible for this offer? Tried many times with different browsers. I could register my wife’s account but not mine!
    Perhaps need to call BAEC.

      • Sharat says

        Called BAEC, said they have nothing to do with promotions but also said that people have complained that the link doesn’t work!
        Even though i am in the UK- the link doesnt like me 🙁
        They gave me the same link on the phone! 🙁

  2. hamiltus says

    Having just received my first double bonus I’ve noticed that if you book into economy (in my case Euro Traveller) and then purchase a cash upgrade to Club Europe, you’ll only receive a bonus based on the original cabin booked. I got just over 600 Avios for the Club Europe segment and a bonus credit of just 323 Avios which was equivalent to the earnings in Euro Traveller. So don’t assume like I did that by upgrading your ticket you’ll earn double based on the cabin flown. Lesson learned 😅🤷‍♂️

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Did you book the original ticket during the first or the second double Avios promo? I can somewhat understand if you upgraded an old ticket (outside of the first promo’s purchase period) you wouldn’t get the double Avios.

      But if you booked since September and upgraded whilst the current promo is still ongoing, I don’t see why you wouldn’t also get double Avios as if you booked Club Europe in the first place…

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