Quirk? Offer Nobody’s Promoting? Or Massive Improvement in “Part Pay With Avios”?

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“Part Pay With Avios” is a redemption option offered by British Airways Executive Club. Rather than book a reward seat out of limited reward availability, you instead book a standard paid ticket but offset some of the price paid in exchange for a few hundred / thousand Avios. Since you are buying a normal, paid ticket, you will earn Avios and Tier Points. However, the general problem with Part Pay With Avios is that you rarely receive more than 1p per Avios, the valuation that many people apply to Avios.

Occasionally British Airways offer an improvement to Part Part With Avios, but this is usually a limited-time-only offer – the most recent one occurred in early February (click here for details)

However, I was recently buying a ticket for a quick trip to London and I noticed this…

Naturally I clicked straight away on 11 euro savings. After all, I frequently purchase 2,000 Avios for 19 euros via Groupon in Spain.

By the time I reached the final payment page, my savings became €11.61.  (roughly £10 for 500 Avios!)

I couldn’t see any mention of a limited time promotion on the BA website and I wondered whether only European-based accounts qualify, so I decided to do a dummy booking with a UK-based account that I manage. And lo and behold the discount became £5 for 250 Avios on a one-way itinerary departing London, or £10 for 500 Avios on a return itinerary…


I have no idea if I have inadvertently scooped a new promotion from British Airways Executive Club, or whether this is a new feature that has yet to be widely noticed. Nonetheless, receiving 2p per Avios on short-haul itineraries is excellent value, albeit for only a tiny portion of your Avios stash. But the next time you book a paid flight with British Airways, make sure to check for your own “Part Pay with Avios” offer…


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