Part Pay With Avios Improved for a Limited Time

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“Part Pay With Avios” is a redemption option offered by British Airways Executive Club. Rather than book a reward seat out of limited reward availability, you instead book a standard paid ticket but offset some of the price paid by handing over some Avios. Since you are buying a normal, paid ticket, you will earn Avios and Tier Points. However, the general problem with Part Pay With Avios is that the savings rarely comes close to the widely-held 1p hurdle rate that many people apply to their decision of when to spend Avios.

However between now and 12 February, 2019, you can receive a £100 discount in exchange for 5000 Avios!

Here’s some of the fine print:

  1. Your Executive Club account must be registered to a UK address
  2. You can book any BA long-haul flight with the exception of: Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria and Saint Petersburg (Russia)
  3. You can book the entire BA schedule until 30 June, 2019
  4. ONLY World Traveller or World Traveller Plus bookings will be eligible for the bonus offer (i.e. long-haul Economy / Premium Economy)
  5. You must book a return ticket to receive the £100 discount. One ways will see a £50 discount in exchange for 2,500 Avios
  6. The bonus requires spending 2,500 / 5,000 Avios per person, but you can book for up to 9 people in one reservation. You cannot use Avios from different accounts

You can find further details by clicking here.

The SweetSpot

We saw a version of this offer last year – click here. But this time around World Traveller Plus is included. This means that you should be able to:

  1. Book a Premium Economy paid ticket, saving £100 in exchange for 5,000 Avios
  2. Call British Airways Executive Club to upgrade your paid ticket to Club World!  (the amount of Avios and money required will obviously vary)

The Bottom Line

2p per Avios is excellent value. However, it does require booking this weekend (a very short period to finalise travel plans – unlike award bookings, you can’t change your mind later and pay a small penalty) and to fly in Economy or Premium Economy class. (unless you upgrade to Club World using yet more Avios)

Perhaps this is just another test of “dynamic pricing” but, if so, a base 2p per Avios would make a lot of people quite happy…


    • Craig Sowerby says

      I don’t see why not. You’re buying a standard WT+ paid ticket. You might have to buy your ticket and call afterwards to upgrade though if you can’t get PPWA via “Book and Upgrade”.

      • Sharat says

        Just to add, it will depend upon reward seat availability! I have also seen that some WT tickets on some routes cannot be upgraded online- you can only do that by phone – and usually get a ridiculous price or try at the airport- usually thats the best way to get a cheap cash upgrade.

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