Norwegian Launches New Premium Wi-Fi on European Flights

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 Norwegian is rolling out “new and improved inflight Wi-Fi connectivity” onboard the airline’s  short haul Boeing 737-800 fleet this month.

Norwegian was the first airline to offer passengers free in-flight Wi-Fi on all European flights back in 2011 and became the first to introduce live television over the skies of Europe in 2015.

This week, Norwegian has launched an “upgraded Wi-Fi experience” on its Boeing 737-800 aircraft as “part of improving the customer experience”. Norwegian operates Boeing 737-800 aircraft on its intra-European routes, routes connecting Europe with North Africa, Middle East and on flights between the USA and French Caribbean.

Three Wi-Fi packages available

Customers travelling on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft with the new Premium Wi-Fi service available will have a selection of three packages – SURF, the free option and two paid options, SOCIAL+SURF and STREAM+SURF, both offering faster speeds.

  • SURF – Available for free, delivers web browsing, email and text-based messaging
  • SOCIAL+SURF – Provides faster web browsing, access to email and all social media. Available for €5 per device. (Pricing may be subject to change.)
  • STREAM+SURF – Offers faster web browsing, email access and social media in addition to the ability to stream TV shows, movies and music content on services such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify among others. Available for €12 per device. (Pricing may be subject to change.)

Helga Bollmann Leknes, CCO at Norwegian said:

“We’re continuing to upgrade the passenger experience by commencing the rollout of Premium Wi-Fi on our Boeing 737-800 fleet that will give our customers improved connectivity across our global fleet.

“We set an industry first in 2011 by being the first European airline to offer free Wi-Fi on all European flights and from today, thousands of passengers daily will get to stay connected in the skies with a faster Wi-Fi connection than ever before flying Norwegian.”

The new internet rollout is expected to be completed by mid February 2019.

Norwegian also recently started introducing Wi-Fi to its long haul Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Boeing 737 MAX fleet, though the timeline for that is much longer, with only 50% of the aircraft expected to offer the service by 2020.

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