Gift Card (And Manufactured Spend…) Site ‘Zeek’ Suspends Transactions

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We’ve written a few times about gift card marketplace and shop, Zeek, over the last year or so. For a while it offered generous bonuses for cashing out TopCashback and Quidco credit, as well has some potentially interesting ‘manufactured spend’ opportunities.


I couldn’t get any transactions to go through on my account yesterday, and bad news has now been officially confirmed by a Zeek spokesperson:

“Zeek Mobile Ltd (an Israeli business) is currently working through a process with its major creditor Viola, part of this process will be to secure a buyer for the business short term. Transactions on the Marketplace and shop have been temporarily paused while we resolve this issue over the coming days.

“We greatly appreciate the support of our consumers during the necessary changes we are making to the business ownership structure.”

Bottom line

Reading between the lines, I think there’s a substantial question mark over whether the suspension will be lifted in the next few days, if at all. Hopefully I’m wrong and Zeek can get back to business soon (if only so I can cash out my own, thankfully small, balance!).

Have you been impacted by the suspension?


  1. 7wood says

    Like you I’m only worried about a small balance – but mine is all about purchases with zeek made via TopCashback
    If Zeek are insolvent I’m guessing pending transactions and associated TCB bonuses will stay that way!!

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yep, unfortunately I would assume so. I’d forgotten about that aspect – prob another tenner down the drain!

  2. Craig Sowerby says

    £25 down the drain it appears… I thought I could sneak through one last purchase but it gave me an error message.

    The odd part for me is that, apart from the cashback commissions, it seemed like a relatively sustantainable business model. So perhaps the creditors will elect to keep it going for awhile.

  3. roos says

    I always thought there was something dodgy about them with their cash back top up offers that made no sense, 15% top up is equivalent to a substantial discount on the gift cards, seems like their bank agrees

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Ouch! I suspect you’ll have to ask Quidco for a customer service gesture if Zeek closes up shop eventually. But I can’t imagine you have any legal protection like you would with a credit card…

  4. Nouhad el eter says

    Four of my family members have credits in there summing up to over £1000! Is our money protected pls? Any help will be appreciated.

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