Hilton Mega Deal Stack Can Lead To Incredible Value (Almost Free!) Stays

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First things first, this post is about the sort of deals that can theoretically be achieved by stacking different Hilton offers – I’m not suggesting the precise example is necessarily hugely practical for most readers. The aim is more to show what is possible and to help get you thinking creatively about deal stacking.

The first thing we need are cheap (nice) hotels, preferably near each other – and that’s where the Hilton Asia/Pacific sale comes in.

In the sale, the best candidates I can find are undoubtedly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It also helps that Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic city to visit anyway and the hotels genuinely look very good.

In the sale, the headline rate for both of the Hilton Garden Inns in the centre of KL (which are located right next to each other!) are about £25 per night:

When you click through though, you’ll see that the vast majority of dates can actually be booked for just £19 per night!

Kuala Lumpur is well known for offering excellent hotels at bargain prices, whether using hotel points or cash, but £19 is still pretty amazing.

If you fancy something more 5*,  the DoubleTree by Hilton or the Hilton Kuala Lumpur are also superb value at £40-£55 – particularly if you have Diamond status, as then you get lounge access with free food and drinks too (not that you should spend all your time in a hotel lounge in a city like KL!).

You could also book the DoubleTree for just 10,000 Hilton Honors Points per night – and can currently buy 10,000 Hilton Points for about £40.

Returning to the Garden Inns, let’s crunch some numbers…

Hilton’s global promotion at the moment (until 5th May 2019) is called Points Unlimited, and it works like this:

  • Registered members will earn 2,000 Bonus Points per stay during the promotion period
  • An additional 10,000 Bonus Points will be awarded for every 5th stay completed OR every 10th night completed, whichever comes first
  • Each time a member achieves 5 stays or 10 nights, 10,000 Bonus Points will be awarded and the member’s stay/night count will reset

Registration is required.

In other words, you can effectively earn 4,000 bonus points per stay (even on 1 night stays), as long as you always complete a block of 5 stays.

I value Hilton Points at roughly 0.4p each, so 4,000 are worth ~£16.00. If you value the points at a similar rate, your ‘net’ cost from 5 Garden Inn Kuala Lumpur 1-night stays is about £3 per night!

Not bad at all for nice centrally located new hotels in a cool city.

Take it up a notch…

As we are essentially playing ‘fantasy travel hacking’ here, we can actually take things up another level and even make these stays profitable!

I didn’t mention the normal Points you would earn from your £19 stays in the previous section, because it would only be about 130 Points per night. For a Hilton Diamond though, it’s worth taking note as you would get double (~260) plus the option to select 750 more instead of free breakfast, so another ~1,000. That brings the per night earnings up to 5,000 points, worth about £20, which equals profit! (I’m not suggesting that swapping free breakfast for 750 Points is actually a good idea, but the option is there).

We can do even better

Hilton Honors introduced ‘Milestone’ bonuses for very frequent guests last year.

As you can see above, members receive 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights from the 40th night per year onwards, and 30,000 additional bonus points for hitting 60 nights. In other words, if you stay 60 nights with Hilton in a year, you’ll earn 60,000 bonus Hilton Honors Points.

A Hilton Diamond member who spent 60 nights swapping between the 2 Garden Inns in Kuala Lumpur could therefore earn (including all the other points mentioned earlier) an average of 6,000 points per night – worth about £24 – from each £19 stay!

Ok, that was all a bit silly

Yes, it was – but I think it’s also a useful and fun way to show how you can stack sales rates, promotions and elite status perks together in order to generate fantastic value.

If you don’t fancy Kuala Lumpur, check out the list below of some of the other great rates we found in the same sale (remember that the sale applies to stays booked by 2 February 2019 and completed by 30 September 2019):




Hong Kong





New Zealand


South Korea



However, this is a tiny selection from a massive sale, so take a good look yourself.


  1. Julia says

    Yes but can you get a full English at Hilton KL??? Hubby walks round like a bear with a sore head if he can’t get a good fry up 🙂

  2. VK says

    doin a lot of hiltons around SEA, Oz and NZ in a few months. have booked that KL one as well. the £20 one. LOL. not staying there. just booked it for a ‘stay’ to meet that diamond status match challenge. actually I have booked 2 nights – 1 day gap in between. so 2 clean check ins. easiest and cheapest 2 stays ever. haha. in case u r wondering, im staying at the four seasons. 3rd night free at present.

  3. Christopher says

    Hi. I’m new to all this so excuse what may be a really stupid question:
    Do I actually have to stay at the hotel to get the points?
    It seems to me that otherwise I could book and fully pre-pay for a series of one night stays at around the £19 mark and achieve Gold status really quickly….

    • Miles Hunt says

      Hi Christopher.

      While Joe might argue I ask him at least three a day, my view is there are no stupid questions in this game. Unfortunately yes, you do have to stay (or at least check in and pretend to stay) or you won’t earn the points or status credit.

      One “hack” here is to add the name of a second guest to your room (by editing the “Guest Information”section and then adding a name via the “Add additional guest names” option) and get that second guest to check in (or even stay) for you, but it’s not necessarily an easy option. However, it you have a helpful contact in KL who fancies a free hotel, then it’s an option!



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